Ok so I figured since I do not see it covered in here that I will cover the topic of towers. What is a tower ? A tower in my understanding from my communing with beings is a physical object that can put out a frequency or current into this world. So what does this mean for us? Well lets say for instance you wear Nike Shoes… Nike is a Goddess of victory. Wear a symbol like that for instance allows this being more access to this world. This is also relation to building which have specific geometry in relation to a being ( IE Churches, Other corperation with weird essentric buildings and whos names correlates to a Divine Being like Mazda) . Is this beneficial to us perhaps think of a tower as a charges sigil in essance. You might even realize that in certain cities u can feel the freq or current of these towers. They also act as gateways meaning they can be built in the astral as well to super charge their power. I see them more as a hinderance to people who are not intune with that being. I am also told that the closer we are to them the more power they have. They might also have a stronger effect if they are on laylines or dragon lines in the Earth. But just something to keep in mind and too add to your power.

I think that would only apply if those wearing them made the correlation and didn’t just see it as a brand. The average joe wearing a Nike cap doesn’t have a clue who the goddess Nike was, more than likely the person wearing it is persuaded to wear it due to popularity of an athlete who endorses said brand or the current popularity of that product or style. If the goddess aspect of Nike were made more apparent in their advertisement perhaps it would give more power or influence to the entity it represents. A symbol is only as powerful as its significance to an individual/group.

If one were to empower a symbol (much like a sigil or advertisement) with certain beliefs, thoughts, or ideas it could have its own collective consciousness. If you were able to show an ancient people a picture of Isis they would see a goddess that represents several different aspects of their spiritual and mundane life, show that same picture to a group of twenty something’s and they’ll likely get excited another Starbucks is opening. Same picture different ideas/aspects/significance.

As far as the geometry of a certain buildings like churches, mosques etc , these common themes were part of the religious system to push a certain state of mind. Most religious symbolism has an emphasis on the heavens or reaching up toward divinity.

To a certain extent I agree but this isnt for the person wearing it its for the person or company making the shoes. I can tell u that when u see these symbols in non religious places and u can hear and feel the buzzing they are def doing something ( and even when they are in religious places ). This isnt for empowerment of the individual its for the empowerment of the person or group who put it there. The beliefs the individual has doesnt have anything to do with it. Humans are simply cattle to them.

Care to list some examples? As far as religious symbols in non religious places I could understand that as the symbols still have a collective consciousness from the worshippers of that paradigm.

I understand symbols are for the empowerment of the group that put them there, they have no significance to those who are unaware of its meaning.

I’m trying to see where your going with this, Lets use the Nike example you gave. Nike the corporation uses the name and symbol for the goddess as a brand, the unaware simply see Nike and say “I like Nike, I’ll buy some” is the corporation supposed to benefit from using the goddess and the symbol as a type of veneration for lack of a better term as in the goddess helps the corporation for using her name/symbol?

No I am stating that building shoes exct can act as a radio tower to bring more of that particular current into the world.
Although I do not think this idea applies to every big coperation or even every one in this list this is a good start. This current acts to control people in subtle ways. Thats where I am going. I am not sure I states it correctly in my previous post . But yes these things bring this current into the world and allow it to be stronger. Like I said it was what has been divined to me. I dont think that is all of it by any means but it is a good start. Its the same as a talisman someone wear but on a grander scale and it isnt working for them they just have a affinity with it and they dont know why. It doesnt have to hurt them either. I doubt not wearing Nike Shoes killed anyone but we all know reports of people killing for them.

Ok, your talking more NWO/Illuminati kind of control. I thought you meant using the real essence of a symbol to empower your business while looking like an “average” corporate logo to outsiders. Yeah there are tons of these symbols in these logos. If you look to see who owns most of these businesses you’ll find that a select few groups have a literal monopoly on these consumer products.

I you really want to lessen the influence these kind of things have on you stop watching television. I still watch movies, play video games, Netflix and shit like that but network tv bombards your ass with so much subliminal advertising/suggestions its crazy. Quit watching television for one month and notice how the urge to spend goes away. I haven’t watched network television in probably two years now and Incan tell a huge difference in not only my spending habits but also how I think and view the world. I’m just amazed when I go to friends houses who are watching this crap I can’t even sit through it with out laughing at how sad it is.

I love seeing some commercial for a kitchen cleaner and how fulfilled the housewife is that her kitchen is now 99.99% germ free or how this paper towel is so much more absorbant. I can’t help but think “Yeah, some Mr, Clean will totally make my life better, why didn’t I think of that before?” It’s sad when you really think about it