Tourettes and entering a trance state

I am recently coming back to the occult starting with the bare bones. I still have a problem that follows me through my life
I’ve been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome and it’s difficult for me to enter into a trance state such as theta gamma sync or to meditate as a whole. Any insight / mantras / tips that could help me?

For the record, what makes it difficult for me is my involuntary movements that I can in fact control but only causes me anxiety

Have you tried excitatory methods of trance rather than inhibitory?

To explain further, meditation is an inhibitory method of getting into an altered state. It involves stillness of the body in order to quiet the mind. It’s passive. On the other hand, excitatory methods of trance are active and generally involve movement, such as spinning, dancing, and exercising to exhaustion, to help bring the mind to stillness.

For more information on different methods for reaching reach an altered state, I recommend reading some of the classic works of chaos magick, such as Liber MMM, which makes up part of the book Liber Null and Psychonaut by Peter Carroll (in the chaos magick paradigm, they refer any altered state as “gnosis”).


I will take a look at this as soon as I can!

I use a method called Trauma Release Exercise that helps soothe and regulate the Vagus Nerve, folks with Tourette’s have reported improvements using the method. It is pretty easy to learn and once you know how your body responds after a couple of guided sessions you can do it on your own. It radically changed my life.

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