Tough love from Lucifer/demons

Hey guys I just went through a downright traumatic breakup which has completely changed the course of my summer/current situation.

The fact is, I know it wasn’t healthy for me and even though it completely sucked, splitting up was probably for the best.

Since this happened almost out of nowhere, (we were happy immediately leading up to it), and judging by the severity of it (very, very dramatic) I dont doubt the influence of the demons I’ve been working with the past few months. I’ve seen many of you talking about how Lucifer specifically will “tear your life apart” before getting you on the path that serves what you truly desire.

Has anyone else had blessings in disguise or had your life broken up to make room for something new? I want to find the silver lining in this. Thanks for any replies


I’m sorry for what happened. However, remember that spirits sometimes are rough with how they do things, especially Lucifer. But he only does it because he knows what will happen in the future.

If he saw a future that your life would completely destroy you, he would find it wise to change your life a lot in order to help you avoid that future. It’s hard and it can cause you pain, but better days are coming and Lucifer (and spirits in general) don’t really make mistakes.

I’d advice you to hang in there! It’s painful at first, but what happened probably saved you from something much worse in the future.


When I started working with Lucifer I had already gone through lot of lessons in life , so only little adjustments were made and everything was good within a month! It all depends on where you are in your life journey I think. Demons won’t make you suffer for no reason , plus you always know why it’s happening just like you know it’s for the best ! good luck :slight_smile: