Tough Lesson in Self-Deification from Lucifer

I’ve avoided posting for a while (my own personal reasons) but today I couldn’t refrain. During my daily communion with Lucifer, we spoke of something rather odd. Becoming God, a God, Demon, whatever. Becoming something HIGHER spiritually than what you already are. He taught me something that I’d love to share with you guys. Spirits, Gods, Demons, whatever, are simply here to aid in our progression. NOT to do our dirty work. Spirits aren’t going to give you a million dollars. They aren’t going to pay your rent. They aren’t gonna make your penis grow 5 inches. Stop. Stop wasting their time, stop wasting your own time. Now, spirits will open the doors for you to achieve whatever your hearts desire. But YOU gotta put in the work. Almost every path working I’ve ever done has been harsh. I’ve learned hard but valuable lessons. But the moral of every story is that it’s YOU who makes things happen. Your will. Your drive. Your desire. You have control. Do you want this thing bad enough? Do you want the strength to work harder for what you want? Or do you just want it handed to you? Your answer to those questions are what will determine whether or not you’ll get what you want. Now where Lucifer comes into play, is he gives me advice more than anything. He tells me how to be the best version of myself. He shows me how I can improve to make my own life better, instead of him doing all the work. Which is satisfying. I don’t hang off of his coattails and beg him to fight my battles for me. I ask for the strength and the open path to complete my own work. I’m not throwing shots at ANYONE. Period. What I want is for you guys to re-evaluate how you approach life’s difficulties. How you approach your desires. I’m not going to continue to ramble, but I pose a final question. If it is your will, your desire, that makes these things happen… are you not already God?


I just had this argument with another user like 3 days ago. Spirits are not concerned with “give me this and that”

They are interested in mutual benefits


Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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That sounds about right for Lucifer. One of the most important lessons to learn though.

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Great one! Thanks for sharing!

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In the end, most people get exactly what they wanted from life. And nothing else. The guy who wants to get ripped busts his ass lifting to get a six pack (or cooking, to be honest). Some things are just out of reach, of course, no matter how hard you work for it, you have to born with talent for some things (and then put an incredible amount of work in order to develop any skill you’re going to need).

It’s refreshing to see this, among so many stories of deadly curses and so.

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You got me right here :joy: LMAO

This is the truth, if we have our own will power we are capable of doing anything

I would like to add something, sometimes our mind tricks us in believing this, lets just assume you are at the gym and its been over months you have been lifting the same weight, but you are afraid of going to the next level because our mind plays a shitty role trying to tricks us like what if i fail what if i become a embarrssment in the gym trying to lift this im not capable of doing that, those weights are for pros

Your mind trying to limit your capabilities, the only thing to overcome this issue is when you get opinions from your inner self like dont do that this is not for you just thank your mind for the opinion and proceed

You gotta try even if you fail


practitioners have done this but it def takes commitment from the mage. Energy work, good diet, sexual rites. Etc.
Same goes for any body recomp. Facial surgery cost hundreds up to thousands. Lots of saving and research involved

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Stoicism helped me a lot with this. Kinda fell off the horse so thank you for this post.


I love the last part, and this definitely sounds like him. I give myself credit for all my accomplishments, the spirits and deities that come in my life help but I put in the physical effort. That’s why I’ve had such a hard time with organized religion especially Christianity because why would I give all the credit to one god?

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What you say here is inconsistent with what so many people on this forum have claimed the spirits have done for them. Some feats it would be impossible for them to do on their own: court cases dropped, cancer cured, enemies killed etc.
What is the point of calling in a spirit if all you need is to wish hard enough for what you want and it comes? Why invest the time and energy with spirits.


I’ve had my own experience with things like this. Spirits coming through for me. But, the way I’ve come to realize is, things are more than what they seem. It’s less about what the spirits literally do for you, more about what you do for yourself. Spirits give you the knowledge and power to make things happen for yourself. People make it seem like you’re paying for a service, that spirits are miracle vendors. No. If you perceive them this way, good luck with the results. The deeper you travel down the road, the more you see that it’s about self realization. Not spirit worship. There are countless stories about spirits coming to earth to aid mankind in its progression. They don’t do the dirty work for you. They teach you how to handle your own business. I’ve been walking this path for a long time. I looked at the nature of spirits and my relationship with them completely different, early on in my path. But now, I see them as mentors, guides and friends. Rather than my own personal slave, or as this mighty superior being. Hope that at least somewhat cleared up MY logic. But once again, everyone’s walk is different. I mean, considering we shape our own reality with our mind, maybe your spirits will serve you the way you want :wink:

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Thanks for the post, you should always feel comfortable posting here. Sharing and questioning is what this forums built on :slight_smile:

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Try telling them to do the same thing for you twice or even three times… They do that to kill doubt and show you that’s the real shit

But won’t repeat… Only teach you how to do the same things… We are the same