It might not be on the context of this forum, but I want to wish you all a powerful new year and may your goals be achieved in creation of YOUR reality. From nothingness to the whole and vica versa. In Lak’ech Ala K’in

^ Happy New Year folks! :slight_smile:

Hope last year has set the foundation for an amazing 2015, and if it’s been a bit crappy for you personally, fucking stay strong, and if I can presume to give one bit of advice as someone who’s looked the abyss in the face just enough that I appear on its selfies, don’t fucking give up - fight any crap that tries to bring you down, show you your place, “knock a little reality into your head,” or otherwise by any method tries to deny you the potential you know in your heart that you bear.

It’s amazing and wonderful how this forum attracts a lot of people who actually need to use magick, not as a casual midlife-crisis hobby, nor to support their middle-class teenage fantasy of endless hot chicks, but for survival needs, empowerment, and then direct ascent - which is what our ancestors (I believe) used it for all along.

I have a lot of faith in people on here, and I know everyone who posts IS a person, has pain and doubt and at least one really amazingly great aspect, and isn’t just some nameless caricature or whatever other crap people play at on the internet.

So, Happy New Year, and lots of love!