Are you asking about the Grand Incantation? Alash tad Al’ash tal ashtu?




I give the exact meaning of those symbols in the Mastering Evocation Training Course, in Section 6!


Its a very provocative statement made in that section - the meaning of it helps a person who is still grappling with their own Godhood… once again a reaffirming statement of really the extent of power…

Its truly perfect for tuning the vibration of the practitioner regardless of if they know what they are saying or not… a very intriguing insight…

It also reflects in the manner in which EA conducts himself in ritual in my own assesment of the style and method






Give an offering to his house to devour. Which the eye of the house is with samael. 700 years to bind the name of god in chains.

I think it’s part instructions and part explanation of the purpose of the circle.


thanks kitari.