Can someone please send me healing energy? My tooth is killing me. I cant afford to go to the doctor right now and the medicine I took didn’t do anything.
Thank you in advance

crazy, my teeth hurt too. I feel like I want to stretch my gums like a stiff muscle… I’ll give it a shot. I need practice doing this anyway. Let me know if it works.

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Are you able to chant? Try the Raphael healing mantra:

Or this one:


I cant really talk. I look like I had lip injections O.o

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Do you have clove in your kitchen spices? You can make a mouth rinse and an oil that is antiseptic and will help kill infection and clean it out while slightly relieving the pain.

There’s other herbs that are antibacterial and or anti microbial but most people wouldn’t have them unless they drink tea.

Clove is a pretty common kitchen spice though, so it’s often around.

If your cheeks swollen, it sounds like an abscess. I’m sure there are other possibilities but an abscess is an infection.

Oregano is also really good for killing bad things and promoting healing but it’s real bitey to taste alone.

I like to gargle with it when I get a toi the ache or sore throat.

If it’s an infection, raising your ph can help your body fight it off, things like lemon juice and green tea are really good for that. I like to make it at home because artificial sweetners, but pure leaf has a really good version with regular sugar. :rofl:


You can chant the mantras mentally.


If you’ve got an abscess that’s pretty serious. You are going to have to bite the bullet and go to the hospital if you cannot get this under control right away.

Use Salt water rinses. Keep doing them until you either get help or it gets better.

Try Talking to Marbas or Verrine.


Thank you all for your help :blush:

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