Too much junk food

Is eating a lot of junk food bad for the third eye and magic in general?

As the old saying goes “you are what you eat” (please dont eat a brick)

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So I’m junk?

I’ve heard it said that fasting is better for spiritual or energy work. Instead of filling yourself with food, you are better able to fill yourself with whatever you are channeling.

I could be wrong. I do not pretend to know what I’m doing as I dabble

Concerning third eye in specific, no fucking idea,( and i am not the most adequate to talk about clairboyance without actually being one).
But in my experience when you have such a destructive diet your body does not receive the nutrients it needs, it’s filled with low quality fats and chemicals. So your body weakens and you have less will and passion, therefore my rituals are diminished in effectiveness.

Heath is pretty much tied to magic, especially diet and mentality. So eating poorly will affect you but I’m not sure if there are foods that affect your 3rd eye (pineal gland) specifically.

Certain chemicals are known to calcify the pineal gland which do effect the 3rd eye such as fluoride

Do they put fluoride in solid food? I know it’s in some “purified” waters and drinks made with said water.

I’m not sure about solid food. Certain medications and definitely a lot of the water supply along with most toothpastes

So cutting out junk food would be beneficial

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Cutting out junkfood is beneficial. Doing ritual on an empty stomach is better as well. You want to keep your body with healthy foods so it is make of natural substance, which energy flows better through

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Sorry housing bricks is a bit hard for my own teeth, if you mean by don’t eat a brick do you mean a turd?