Too much Harry Potter Koolaid?

Mental illness or something darker?

Well it described how she had an altar with pentagrams on it, and I don’t actually believe in most mental illnesses. So, I would say she was not protecting herself properly and was influenced by negative spirits. In fact, my intuition was saying “negative spirit” before I even read about the altar part.

3,500 blades? I’m surprised she had room for anything else! The article didn’t mention what she was on probation for. I don’t think it’s drugs, but that would put a different spin on things.
Incidentally, I was listening to one of EA and Nate’s podcasts earlier and they talked about unconsciously typing something out of context. Just now, when I was typing 3,500, I unconsciously put a $ in front of it. I claim my $3,500 right now!

Would you believe I had someone offer $3,000 for a job just 2 hours later. He kept asking me to pxt him samples of my work. I told him I would rather he see it closer to full size and to please go to the website. Haven’t heard from him since. The universe is a tease!:wink:

I had a bokken in my hand once when the police came into my place. Luckily they didn’t arrest me, since I put it down when they requested I do so. I think the only problem she had was lack of self control and assulting them.

If we got a little more detail perhaps things would be clearer. Is it just me or does this whole situation have a vibe of something with self-defense and aggression being poor-ish explanations for what the lady did?