Tons of imposters with invocation

Like it’s imposter Royale and I don’t really find a map to the way out. How do I make sure I’m invoking correctly so when I vanish the guys they can be banished for good and when I invoke some people, they actually show up? it’s a little hard to get support from people like that when you can’t even talk to the real person.

Even with sigils it’s always a different feeling of energy and I get admissions later that they’re just imposters and it’s really getting on my nerves. You’d think the people behind the sigils would do anything, but they don’t.

Even cards don’t work. This deck also keeps tormenting me with relationship related cards like ten of cups and ace of cups and temperance. Fucking saddening how whatever is at play ignores my request and INSISTS my relationship (lack thereof) will be fine and I will see love when I’m not even asking that. Now I can’t even trust my cards

Or ten of Pentacles, for that matter. Fuck you deck, you mean motherfucker. Tormenting me with my own hope for my relationships and trying to get me to hope more, then waving your presence in front of me like a red cloth with bulls

I also keep drawing the world too.

cleanse your cards

I did. I’ll do it again.

Cards I drew.

The tower
Ten of Cups (I have drawn this LITERALLY every time)
Two of Pentacles

sleep with them under your pillow tonight

I don’t remember my dreams. But thanks for the idea. Any others?

I also keep drawing wish granted. I even asked "Does this have anything to do with Sam? (Recent big breakup left me devestated) and I get nine of cups. Two possibilities.

I’m being tormented
I should be river dancing with glee. I feel like the former is more likely

Long story. Emotional state was doing it.

Make a barrier that burns or feeds on those with ill intention or arent the real owner of the sigil if you use one. There’s also shielding your mind from thoughtforms so they aren’t capable of showing up in your mindscape claiming to be who they’re not instead they will be barred off from you.


Do you mean when you’re calling spirits, they don’t turn up, some other spirit turns up?

can u elaborate on how to do that?

It’s similar to how you use direct energy work/magick to make a shield, bubble shield, what have you, and give it the particular programming and what to keep out, you can be really detailed or lightly detailed. However, the more detail the better.

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cleanse your mind. You have cluttered mind. =o)

No kidding. It’s a lot of bullshit that is hurting me deep and I need relief.

thankfully, if you read my other recent post, it will tell you about how I somehow managed to feel literally nothing. I don’t know what that is, but I just don’t feel anything and I’m okay with that

To relief trouble. Be with it. Embrace it. what’s behind it? and keep going. There is deeper within the answers. =oP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m sorry, I really don’t want to embrace torment and madness after all of the crap I’ve just been through. I would really rather just not feel. I’ve actually been spending like 17 days doing this crap and I’m so tired of it. Like, I physically have no room left to continue like this. The love of my life so far left me.

granted, it’s only my life so far and I know it won’t hurt as much later, but I just don’t want to hurt at all right now.

If you somehow have a solution, which I know you don’t, then speak up. but basically, I want to be able to move on correctly because at this point it’s a constant in her battle to not use some sort of magic trickery to get him back.