Tonight's invocation

This my altar for tonight’s invocation of the awesome being that is lucifer.


It has been a few days, but how did it go?

It went well…I did another invocation last night…and this was very successful…in fact since it was a powerful day yesterday Walpurgesnict (I think that is how it is spelt)…I performed 5 rituals :joy::metal:

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Oh my gosh, 5 rituals?? You must be exhausted still lol, I usually wear myself out from doing one simple ritual… I am glad things worked out for you! I have been thinking of working with Lucifer for a while, but I haven’t felt like the time was right.

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lucifer is amazing. I promise u … you will never regret it. however, i want to remind u a radical change will happen to ur life if u needed to learn something. but please don’t worry its a positive change as to the results.


I am utterly fascinated by him. I currently work mainly with Duke Dantalion and I feel like his relationship with me is very mentor-like and friendly, and that he cuts me a lot of slack. My concern with working with Lord Lucifer is mainly my own abilities and whether I am prepared for his energy and power… I really do not want to offend him. A lot of people start out working with him and so far in my journey I still have not felt prepared, somehow. How has Lucifer changed you and your life in general?

Lucifer is very benevolant, patient and loving. He has answered questions that needed to be clarified in my journey. I started with invocation of him, my next step is to evoke him and do petition work him and after that make a pact with him.

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This really encourages me to start working with him. Hopefully he is willing.

Seems you had a good experience .