Tonight's guidance from Lady Lilith!

Hey everyone!!

Lady Lilith would like me to share with you all tonights expierence I had with her!!

Tonight I had gone out for a walk, & for the most part of the day I felt no disturbances, or charge in my atmosphere. When I left the house, I was able to feel the breeze coming off of the bay (which isn’t too far away from where my mom lives), & smell the ocean as well. This began the small charges in the atmosphere around me. I had plugged my ear phones in, & began listening to a book on summoning, & working with Lady Lilith that I have on my audible app

As I got closer to the bay I felt like I was being called over to the waterfront, & so I followed that call while still listening to the book. As I got further into the bay I began feeling more, & more charge around me. About 1/4 of the way through the path I was told to turn back, & start heading out from the waterfront by a spirit, that I felt matched the energy, which turned out to be Lady Lilith!!

On my way back out she had me chant a mantra of sort, that is to help manifest my results, & make the woman I’m calling my girlfriend as per direction of Lady Lilith, actually my girlfriend completely, & have it manifested into reality.

I had repeated the words silently (for there were others around), & in my head as Lady Lilith had spoke them until she had told me that was enough. She had repeated these words to me that I’ve been given approval to share with you all here tonight, however I will sensor out my targets name with; ‘___’ For privacy reasons :slight_smile::slight_smile:

“______ You are my girlfriend, & I am your boyfriend”

It started off as that, & then Lady Lilith had me chant this once or twice after a little while;

“There are no others but our families, & friends”

& Then had me continue to repeat the first part again until she said it was enough. After which she instructed me to tell my best friend whom I am magickally linked too (& vice versa) & share it with you all!! For some reason unbeknownst to me she prefers me not to tell him, but to tell all of you which is okay with me personally because Lady Lilith knows best here :slight_smile::slight_smile:

After which I felt her completely manifest besides me on my left, & then La Santa Muerte on my right. Then Abbadon closed everything off with telling me to text my old band who gave me the opportunity to rejoin on Friday about me wanting to come back in!! The band asking for me to come back was defaintly apart of Abbadons doing. I do plan on releasing a video though of my expierences thus far with my workings with Abbadon too!!

She wishes to draw out more positivity as with each expierence, & ones I share here to help manifest the end result quicker for me, especially since she is breathing into my ear that we are so very close from full manifestation!!

Thank you all for reading, & I hope all your manifestions come swiftly, & to your utmost enjoyment :slight_smile::slight_smile: Infernal blessings to you all!!


Wow, that a very nice story of ur experience with the dark goddess Lilith.

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Very nice experience with Lilith, Abbadon and Santa Muerte

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Thank you!!:slight_smile::slight_smile:

Thank you!! :smiley::smiley: