I have been toiling with having a path. I want to be wealthy and command power. So far, the right hand path is giving me tough time. I dont want to shed human blood in my practice. Even if it means working with demons, i want the safe side of practice. I am in a university and so far am not financially strong. Any advice please.

Your comment bothered me a little bit. You say the right hand path is giving you problems which I understood to mean, it’s not working for you in a way where you can see the results you desire, correct? But then you state, “I don’t want to shed human blood in my practice.” That’s what bothered me. If you are thinking of branching out to another path or experimenting with many paths at once, and since you came here, I assume you have an interest in black magick, what makes you think that taking on other path systems require the shedding of human blood?

Black magick is not all about blood, that is just an idea the media has driven into the minds of the general population, most likely by the religious, to scare people away from attempting this kind of magick. They would tell you it’s because this is evil but in actuality, it’s because those people know this kind of magick works and it scares them. The idea of someone other than a supreme deity or god being able fo manifest this thpe of power and results, scares the hell out of those people.

Sure, you can use blood in your practices when you are more adept at manifesting your desires thru magick (I would not recommend blood magick to anyone relatively new to this), but your statement seemed as if you are drawn to an idea that blood is required for use in black magick. Nothing is a requirement perse, you construct your own path by taking what you have learned and taking your experiences, filtering out the bullshit (what worked and what did not) and from there, you construct your own system based on your knowledge and experiences. You can use a wide array of tools or none at all but you can rest assured, that blood is not a requirement so if you do not feel comfortable working with it, then simply avoid it. No harm done there.

What do I do then? I want to practice black magic. Any recommendations?

define what you believe as black magic, is it just using magic to cause harm? or is it using magic for personal gain?

Start with the basics. Meditation, divination, opening the inner senses. Black, white or grey magick all require those things. Study Tarot and Kabbalah as well. I put the cart before the horse, and now I find myself back tracking to work on some of the things I mentioned.

I want it for personal gain and also to use n help others. And I want more of the evocation, soul travel and divination. I don’t just love the tarot aspect.

Evocation, soul travel and divination all require the inner senses to be awakened. Meditation will do that. Studying the Tarot (there is far more to Tarot than simply divination) and Kabbalah show you how everything fits together. I studied Kabbalah a lot when I was younger, but it’s only been the last year or so that I really began to understand it, and it’s importance in any type of magic.

I have studied the kaballah, meditation and esoteric science for more than five years now with AMORC. I think with what I use to experience, I have developed my spiritual senses to an extent now. I want to delve in to evocation, soul travel and divination deeply. I just need an organization that can teach it to me. I want a system. When I discuss with few adepts I know, they say “evocation is dangerous, don’t try it”. I dont beleive them. I live in Nigeria. If I had the opportunity to travel abroad, I would love to study with E A Koetting. I just need recommendations about an organization that teaches black magick.

Define “Black magic”, then maybe someone could help you. Everybody uses different definitions.

Have you read Evoking Eternity? It’s available as a $27 e-book on here, and it covers most of what you need, with the forum here to help answer ongoing questions of course! And then there’s the Dixie State seminar video on here which is also good, so it’s not totally out of reach (I hope) to begin with this. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to travel to the U.S. to study with E.A. Honestly, he has a decent amount of ebooks already available. If you will start with the Becoming a Living God ebook, it covers the basics of the most important subjects you need to know. The book answered many of my questions so if you can afford to purchase it, go ahead and buy it. As you start reading it you will immediately see how helpful it is as long as you are devoted to magick as a whole, and not just dabbling out of curiosity.

I have adhd and have always found it hard to concentrate. Entering a trance is easy for me because I always look for ways to distract myself from my immediate reality, but once there I couldn’t focus on the task at hand. I started using Eric’s (E.A.'s) methods and in just under a week I am able to pull myself into an immediate theta state with little to no effort and if I start losing focus, I demand it to come back and my mind is suddenly clear again. Seriously, get that book and start from there, it’s very resourceful. You will learn the basics of evocation, divination, and soul travel and find that the methods within work very well.

like the one reply began “…bothered me alittle bit…”

You have got some very erm, innaccurate- software working in there, and alot of confusion. You use terminology, but even the definitions are off.
Shed human blood? Really, right out of the gate with that one? Yet you palce yourself in the RHP camp- with Tarot and AMORC, branching off the judeo christian tree- but it is the other guys “LHP- ala Black Mages” who are shedding human blood? Maybe it is me, but after 35 years as an RHP Priest Theologian; being disgusted at all the "God Commanded, authorised bloodletting, and you are afraid of - switching techniques because you do not want to shed human blood ? But you are not content with the lack of ‘wealth and power’ you have recieved from the RHP current. You want ‘wealth and power’ and believe somewhere inside that since you are not getting it where you are that perhaps you can stay on the ‘path which intimates ease and safety’ but somehow channel the forces from the "LHP path to gain the wealth and power, but not be required to actually walk the walk on the Path in order to get it? I KNOW I AM COMING ACROSS HARSH UNSYMPATHETIC AND ASS, i am not trying to do so; but i think you have so much wrong data, that to get through your Heavily layered confusion, you have alot of way to to the basics. Andif you want anything from the LHP- you will need to bundle up all the RHP programming and torch it
Also, in my opinion, you need to Ascend above the Dualistic Dogma, rise
Not just theoretically but actually, so you can look down upon the ‘RHP vs LHP’ so that your are not subject to the risk of either side “Owning you” and that you can then Access the Currents of each Ambidextriously- just like the keys you are tapping on with your hands, some are on the left, some on the right- they are subject to you, obedient to your
Will- you do not need to cross your left hand over to the right hands keys or vice versa to achieve the result you want.
Yes, there is Dualism. You want the rules of “THY (whoever the hhh-eck that is) Will be done”-- remember beaten torn up and killed for someone elses good pleasure- with no real promise of a payout=RHP. but you want the results of “I am the Only God there is- So my Will be done and all the forces of creation are subject to my will, not mine to theirs” where there is a promised payout --depending if you are will to still work your ass off= LHP. The slave cannot receive the wealth and Power of the slaveOwner that is the beauty of living in the RHP path.
Now, the other issue and deception of the RHP, is, the “Fallen State of Humanity”- regardless of what ‘mystical club you are in, or how long you worked it- you are still fighting while lying flat on your back- hoping you hocus pocus will somehow bypass your slave status and begin raining down whatever it is you want. because you are fallen, you are an incapable vessel only allowed that which the big Creator of the Universe decides by his amazing Grace to give you. Why the hell should he? You are nothing to him.
Now, there is a loophole in some of the text of the RHP- which once you make your own personal sacrifice- of your own soul- “They which loses their soul shall find it again”-- a secret the RHP is absolutely Loathe to admit- “Behold-(Humanity) Has Become As One Of Us”, reaffirmed in psalms and by the Jesus guy (the real one) Ye Are Gods. and not with the so often used “Little G”. THERE WAS NO FALL- IT WAS AN ASCENSION, therefore all you grovelling to some god or ‘his system’ in the scant tenuous hope of “Being Saved” is meant to keep you down and subservient. There is no salvation to be given- not by a god, but by A Fully Realized Diety who now is learning to subject the powers forces and yes, even the Beings to him and his /her Will, not because you win by clever argument, but because All Parties Involved Accept it As Your Deific Birthright.
Your next confusion- the “Good /Evil” paradigm. For a Deity- it does not exist. the so called holy bible is rich evidence of that. now that does not mean you get to run around killing anyone, stealing or whatever–after all, if you are subject to the ‘RHP slaveowner’- he has little issue sending you to do that anyway. From an Exalted position- you will soon see the dualistic good v. evil paradigm’ mostly vanishes- melting away into ‘acts of will and power’. You want “Power”? But you want it given to you. I say You have the “Power”- and once you See it, and you see an oppurtunity for its use, then the real "magick Begins.
Finally- BLACK magick. Black has to denote it is Evil ,wrong, from the devil etc. Right?— Wrong. It simply means Hidden, that which is not overtly visible. To me the best analogy is the concept of "All that you see in the visible Universe- within the spectrum of the ROY G BIV Light spectrum- is Light. But- 98 % of the universe- is, if you look at a photo of a planet, galaxy etc, is “The Black Vacuum of Empty Space”- Finally. science has admitted it is not empty at all, but an actual thing called “Dark Matter, and Dark Energy” it is just outside the Light and Physics spectrum which we can see it from. This “Dark” power- is not evil, it has no Good evil paradigm-- it just is, and we now know it is a needed building block for all we currently know of. That- is 'Black as in Black magick. Taking that which you were told "does not exist and if it does is evil so do not seek after it. So drill this into your mind- use it for a meditation (I did- the results are mind expanding to a dimension you will not have words for) untill when you walk outside- that which you normally never saw or thought was visible- is thick as pea soup and you don’t know whether to swim, cut your way through or walk on top of it.
You will unless you are greatly special, likely loose most of or all you currently value in relationships. I say look around carefully and ask yourself- once i begin this, and people find out- will i be stressed if they bail? What price am I NOT willing to pay? My current experiance is that no matter how hard i try, teach my brains out- be as nice and loving as i can- i even have children, who want as little to do with me as possible, and won’t even allow their children alone with us. Does not matter I risked my life and lost all my hard won earthly wealth in freeing them from an unspeakable hell .

i likely said way too much- but you are at a crossroads- it can either be wonderful- or not. But your current view and mindstate will make it much worse with very little if any progress- or profit. Also- dump any notion of twirling your wand and getting what you want in its fullness or fractions immeditately.There is a reason for the word Path- and not Plateau.

hope all works for you. You are in the best place imaginable.