Today is Bog Veles' holiday

And I’m having a good day. Traditionally the holidays of local bogi (gods) were a time for the volkvi (shamanic priests) to perform a divination for the coming year. So, at 12:05 AM I entered a trance with the intent to receive a vision of the future for the next year.

What I saw was me falling from a great height through a bunch of trees and becoming quickly acquainted with the ground. Then it cut to me riding on a large bear as we travel a path in the forest.

It meant that I’d recently taken a dive in my transfer to Slavic Paganism, I had become like The Fool again. But with Bog Veles’ help (the bear is an image of Bog Veles) I would be able to go down the path I’m meant to.

I also made him a dinner for an offering: a grilled cheese sandwich, rotini pasta with garlic aioli sauce, and scrambled eggs. I also bought solely for his offering, a bag of maltesers, and a bottle of vodka.

It is said that the six days following his holiday, something good will happen to those who have worked with him throughout the year. So, I am anxiously anticipating what good thing he has in store for me.


Were the Slavs close to the old Germanic pagans of pre-Christian times?


Slavs are an absurdly large people group, but yes, some Slavs encountered the Germanic tribes.


I was going to say, when the energy of the picture hit me. I felt a some similarities. Very cool.


I take offerings of vodka :blush::heart:


I also wrote this over on my Rodnovery journal.

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I’m glad that you’re able to feel the energy from the offering as well. I took that picture after the ritual, so it’s like a beam of Bog Veles’ energy.