Today I Petitioned to Lucifer

Today, I petitioned to Lucifer to help me improve on magick path, to help me hear him and other demons. To help my petitions. I printed his sigil like white and blue mixture, then to other page I wrote my petition, and opened the sigil with little blood. Then I meditated on him, I couldn’t see or hear him but I hope (rather know maybe?) he was there, so I lit a candle, opened his enn, listened and chanted while I burned the petition.
I hope it goes well, I will continue to meditate, and I hope i will improve.


wow, I feel such sincerity in your words, the desire to learn and grow is extremely strong in you. Stay true to that and you will reach that which you seek.
Lucifer hears and sees and definitely pays attention to his call. You have already improved over who you were yesterday and tomorrow will bring another new you :slight_smile:


The best way to improve your magickal abilities and strengthen your connection to Lucifer is to keep summoning him and working with him to make your desires a reality.

Here is what I do - figure out a long-term goal of yours, then break that goal down into parts. First summon Lucifer to start moving things towards the ultimate end result that you want, then keep summoning him to help with each of the smaller, individual parts.

If you aren’t sure what you want or how best to proceed towards your goals, you can also summon him to ask for guidance and wisdom. It’s ok if you aren’t yet able to drop into a trance state and empty your mind to receive his words - this is a skill that will develop as you practice and become attuned to magickal energy, and Lucifer will still guide you through intuition. This isn’t really something you “do,” but something that you allow to happen when and how it will.

If you try to force communication or are desperate for it to happen, you will just create fantasies and self-delusions that are more entertaining than helpful. The key is calming your mind, and then allowing thoughts and images to arise on their own without trying to make them happen. Try to chill and be cool with whatever may happen. The less you feel the need for “supernatural” experiences, the more they will come to you.

Magick is a skill, just like riding a bike. With practice, it will become effortless.


Great work!

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