Tobacco smoke

Can someone break down the reason why tobacco smoke is powerful? I’ve tried to search on it and haven’t really found the reason why. Only people saying that it is…



Not my area, maybe @Uncle-Al will have something to say, but I found this from a quick search:

Tobacco smoke contains anabasine, anatabine, and nornicotine. It also contains the monoamine oxidase inhibitors harman and norharman.[34] These beta-carboline compounds significantly decrease MAO activity in smokers.[34][35] MAO enzymes break down monoaminergic neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. It is thought that the powerful interaction between the MAOIs and the nicotine is responsible for most of the addictive properties of tobacco smoking.

That quote from Wikipedia is taken from this link discussing tobacco use in ayahuasca ceremonies: How to use TABACCO before Aya treatment? - Ayahuasca - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

This looks in more detail at a very specific type of tobacco, that differs from usual store-bought stuff:

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Thank you!!!

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Tobacco is great for getting someone to communicate with you. Blow the smoke over their photograph while thinking, come to me… works well


blows smoke over picture



:thought_balloon: …so thats what they use in porn :thinking:

I’m assuming that works as well. (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)

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No, really :wink:

Tabaco smoke is used for cleansing a person, calling spirits, and channeling better.

It is also used as offerings, incense, and sage to cleans ones house.

Greatly used when working with African spirts Indigenous spirits and many Ancestors.

Some spirits just use it as a simple means for smoking, like anyone would with enjoying smoking a cigarette, Rum or Coffee.

I’ve also used it for spell casting and as a divination tool, just like anyone would with tarot cards.


Nicotine is psychoactive. Tobacco itself is Magickal.

For Martian, War, Cursing Magick tobacco from cigarette butts is strong and best. I grow my own. Whatever tobacco you use (and only the highest quality as a burnt offering) it should be moistened before placing on a charcoal block. Dark rum is my recommendation.

To use nicotine as a Magickal aid with less risk of becoming addicted I recommend nasal snuff, but you’ll need tissues. 3/4s of a lungful of air, then use the last bit to get the snuff into your nose. Eventually you’ll hit your sinuses and think you’re going to die. Lasts about seven seconds, then the most wondrous ‘hit’ you’ll ever get, because you’ll know not to hit your sinuses with snuff again.

Toque Snuff produces a pure Nicotiana rustic snuff, but there are other strong nicotine snuffs, many dry as dust, camp-fire American. Clear your nose. 3/4s lungful of air, then placing nose close to the back of your hand where two double match head size snuff piles are waiting and take both with the last ¼ lungful. Squeeze your nose with your fingers, then breath in. Wait for the delicious burn. When you need to, blow your nose and repeat process. Try to hold a dose in the nose for ten minutes (or so). When the Nic. hits you’ll need to be sitting down. Shamans use N.rustica. So do I.

Scorpion Dokha (HOT) also produces brutal, head kicker smoking tobacco to be inhaled, but you’ll need a small bowl medwakh pipe or cone.



Might be useful to note that people not used to snuff will sneeze their head off and feel like they got kicked in the face if American scotch snuffs or Toques Rustica is their first use of it. I would suggest Toque Ambrosia. It’s a course grind blended with rustica and can be taken in large doses easily.

Also I suggest Six Photo Indian snuffs. The Super Kailash especially as its fairly strong, easy to take, and smells like walking into an incense filled temple.


I haven’t touched snuff in years but I was partial to Gawith and Hogarth brand. Nowadays i prefer a good English in a pipe with a generous amount of latakia, aka wife repellent.


If you haven’t tried it might I suggest Cornell and Deihl -Pirate Kake. It’s 75% latakia if I am not mistaken.

Though more on topic if you are looking for a nicotine bomb in pipe tobacco get some Black or Brown Irish Twist.


Other pipe smokers. Hail! Well met!