To what extent are subliminals useful?

I see that YouTube has a ton of awesome stuff. I personally don’t use subliminals because I’m focussing on more holistic spirituality so can’t help you too much there. If you want great binaurals then there is an “All 9 Solfeggio Frequency” and a “Light Body Activation” track that I use daily–great stuff.

If you want to buy something then Holosync is a goo, but rather expensive, choice. I use Holosync daily.

The best value-for-money binaural that comes with an optional subliminal track would be the BrainSync line that costs about USD 9 per track. I’ve used them and they’re great.

GNaural is an open-source binaural beat generator that you can work with if you like.


Thank you and is gnatural Ble to make really advanced subliminals?

BTW that last website brainsnc doesn’t exist. Wrong spelling.

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I haven’t ever used it and I don’t know much about the making of such things but, generally speaking, Source forge stuff is totally free and sometimes pretty darn goo for most purposes.

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Is it And what do you recommend for penis enlargement? Thanks man

I don’t know of anything that’s reliable in that department apart from self-esteem. Surgery and certain lengthening devices and exercises might help?

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Dude m, there aren’t any better subliminals than Shannon’s from Indigo Mind Lab.

He has the latest cutting edge technology, and extreme complex programming techniques and has a profound understanding of the mind / subconscious mind.

I’m using his subliminals and he is developing new stuff. There are new upgraded programs coming out and no-one can beat him in that industry.

I don’t trust anyone other that Shannon himself with subliminal programming.

And as far as “Penis Enlargement” goes… Put in the work, jelqing and stretching and you will grow a big cock.


Lol no thanks to surgery, my dick isn’t even small, I just want to have a 10 incher. I know about jelqing.

Why? You do know most porn, gay straight and WTF, that features massive phalluses is faked?

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I’m 7.5 inches and i’m growing until 10 inches. I am active on PE boards. Without subliminal programs. I just put in the work and believe.

I laugh at everyone that says you cannot grow your dick. It’s very possible to enlarge it without fancy stuff or surgery.

Lol I know but that’s could take years, a good penis enlargement sub could make it happen in weeks to months.

Are you sure about this Shannon guy? And how is his penis enlargement subs, does he have a return policy?

Yeah but girls I had sex with even told me they had big ones. It’s common to have a big one. Plus sex feels better when u have a big one. This one girl I’m fucking told me the other guy she’s fucking has a 9 inch and it’s too big for her, but she says she’s inlove with me for my personality & that my dick is the perfect size, not too big & not small. But fuck that, I wanna have a big ass dick :joy:


No you are incorrect. It will still take years even with subliminal programming.

His “Penis Enlargement” program is outdated. That’s 4G technology and we are hitting almost 6G technology there’s a science gap of like 5-6 years so he needs to update everything when he’s done programming that complex beast and skeleton script.

He has a 90 days full refund policy, so no worries


Where did you start @? And how long it took you to get to 7.5 inch? Mines is 7.2 inches and it’s a really pretty dick, thank God, it would suck if it was ugly then I’m sure no girl would wanna suck on it. But my dick is kinda Skinny so it looks smaller. It’s 5 inch girth I believe. It went to 5.5 when I was jelqing temporarily. Btw I’m not trying to brag, just giving my honest description.

Could I ask him if he can create a complex 6G custom penis enlargement for me? And how fast are these? Like what’s the difference between 4G/5G & 6G? And you know if he puts hidden demonic or homosexual affirmations in it like some of the YouTube sub channels?


Okay you really need to calm down. You are desperately looking for ways to enlarge your dick by inches fast in like 6 weeks.

That is not gonna happen. I repeat, that is not going to happen. Even with all the demons and gods in this universe and signed bloodpacts, that will not happen.

You really need to understand that this is a slow biological building process, your body needs nutrients and building blocks, vitamins and minerals and the correct trainings stimulus just as in bodybuilding in order to grow larger.

I started my PE journey in 2013 or so, I could have had a monster dick by now but I didn’t put in the DAILY dedication and work.

I trained on and off, for months, and I slowly gained, i’m now almost 8 inches and it will take my a year, because i’m only stretching and jelqing for 60 minutes a day.

It’s also for bloodflow health, erection strength, and you should start with kegels.


No he doesn’t mess with “hidden affirmations” or commands or whatever. He has work ethics and doesn’t want things to get out of hands.

He could do that if he wanted, but he doesn’t want to violate the rule of “free will” you’re not a hostage or something.

And no he won’t do that, creating a 6G sub for you because he is working on other customs and regular subs that are coming out. I’m actually testing his newest sub.

Custom build subs are very expensive like $5000 or so, or even more from rich entrepreneurs that are paying him to build some crazy subs

That’s not true bro. I know from experience I gained half an inch in a few weeks to a month by subliminals. They just stopped working because I messed up. Now I’m looking for a new subliminal that works. The body can grow the penis anytime it wants, it’s a penis. Your mind and body did it during puberty, why not now. I know man that sucks I woulda had one too as I first learned about it in 2015 or 2016. I made good newbie gains but would go on & off with it because I stopped feeling anything. But honestly I think meditation would help with this and combining subliminals with jelqing and extender, can’t go wrong with that.