To Sell My Soul Or Not

I am thinking of selling my soul to the great king lucifer should I? What can I ask him for?

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Lmao :laughing: beat me to it

@4you39 thread above will shread the fallacy of selling souls and show you how to grow into the practice of magick.


Why do you want to sell your soul???

Thank you will I be able to ask Lucifer for whatever I want?

To be able to get whatever I want without having to work with so many different Gods.

It ain’t that easy.

Damn,I guess your new too.Working with entities may seem like a lot of work at first,but it’s real simple once you understand that everything that the people who perform the ritual say is necessary to do so really isn’t. All I ever use is white candles,a sigil and a little meditation :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂️ I personally haven’t worked with many entities but I plan to do so. Once you try calling them a couple times,think of them as friends who will help you be better and better in lots of ways.
Don’t be lazy,it’s much more rewarding! I started on this path wanting to sell my soul because of christian garbage,that idea is pretty stupid. I’m guessing to you selling your soul means spending eternity in hell or being a slave,you really think that’s a better option then being a little patient and dedicated?


I mean @Lady_Eva Varnaxis did sell his soul right? Not recommending anything. Just a fact check.

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You should be working with lucifer for freedom and liberation , not slavery


100%. The first thing Lucifer ever said to me was " Stop kneeling. Don’t grovel."
He CAN give you nice things but bet your ass he’s teaching you at the same time.


I ain’t trying to dog anyone I’m just sincerely curious. Suppose the “soul” as in an eternal conscience being does exist- not our energy that inhabits outside the body- what need or want would lucifer or any other being want with it? Someone on here I believe said it best- Christianity, Jesus, your pastor as a kid, the church etc. THEY want to bind your “soul”. I think sharing your experiences and wisdom gained is a far better offering. I heard someplace else not affiliated here that Lucifuge Rofacale demands and I quote “your soul shall be mine for 50 years” as part of pact working but that was a single instance and I have yet to hear that anywhere else so I question the legitimacy of the aforementioned pact stipulations with Lucifuge. Not sure why I threw that in there- oh yeah because topic at hand was selling soul. S Ben Qayin commented on that on a pact vid that the whole concept stems from the Faustian legend but is just a tale.

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Technically yes, BUT he did it as a small child, not knowing any other way out of a situation, and also, with the work of former lives that much closer (as it is with kids) so while he attained that and will help others, it’s probably usually going to be a case of this:

A man once asked Mozart how to write a symphony. Mozart told him to study at the conservatory for six or eight years, then apprentice with a composer for four or five more years, then begin writing a few sonatas, pieces for string quartets, piano concertos, etc. and in another four or five years he would be ready to try a full symphony.

The man said, "But Mozart, didn’t you write a symphony at age eight?"
Mozart replied, “Yes, but I didn’t have to ask how.”

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@Lady_Eva So, if I don’t need to ask how either then I could go off and do it? It’s an interesting though. Hypothetical scenario of course… I think I MIGHT be able to throw together a spell, but I really have no intention of doing so.

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@Novembercomingfire Any Necromancer could think of a thousand and one uses for a human soul. I wouldn’t think why anyone would want it is an issue. I am not saying it’s a good idea, but I can think of uses if I managed to accquire one.

I had a feeling this would come up. I agree all the way from a necromancy stand point-I am simply contemptlating the soul as a bargaining chip and what use a wise powerful ageless being would want with it.

@Novembercomingfire The same reason you would want it? Souls directly translate into power from a Necromancy standpoint. I can see why an immortal being would want more of that.

Well, the point I was making was that as a child, my old Uncle V was in trouble, and instead of running away, or hiding, his first thought was “I’m going to conjure up the darkest forces available and enter a binding eternal contract of mutual benefit” - it came that naturally to him.

He had NO books, only the kind of vague peripheral knowledge available to a child in the first part of the last century… but he did have a LOT of past life experience, and certainty that he could attain this kind of beneficial contact, for the asking.

And he didn’t end up “sold” (which is what would happen to a lot of schmucks who try this) - his pre-existing abilities and powers came to the fore, and he’s carved himself a role as an emissary of Satan, and a demonic Lord in his own right.

That’s not going to happen to most people, though, any more than the Olympics are going to let me enter their gymnastic event because I think it looks cool, and “it’s not fair” that other entrants got a head start.

Btw I’m not addressing this to you @TheStorm specifically, just in general, I think you’ll do okay and probably had some element of past life/genetic/ancestral inheritance, and will accomplish some cool things in your lifetime, provided you remain as your own master and don’t let any group of entities, or humans, suck you in and grind you down.


Thank you all for your imput I have done a lot of thinking and I have decided not to sell my soul but to have a working realationship with Lucifer.


Thats the spirit

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