To See My Soulmate In My Dream

Hello everyone, I believe in soulmates and yesterday I was thinking about it. I thought maybe trying to see my soulmate in my dreams would be a good idea. Should I petition a spirit? I have some in mind. And what about the name? Would a pendulum work fine? I’m open to suggestions and new ideas. Thanks.

Soulmates are many in number and range from family, friends, enemies, and strangers and even same genders among them all, to believe in soulmates is to believe in the whole of the concept not to nitpick purely romantic.

So while you can find your soulmate(s) you can’t hold bias behind it.

Simply because the entirety of soulmates is based around strong bonds made not necessarily romance bonds.

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So today I came across this. He is one of my fav tiktokers he gave us a mantra to see our soul mate. Try it out. Do meditate


Link pm pls