To pass a public competition

Hi everyone.
Next month I will be examined for a public competition, I know the members of the examining committee, because they are my own colleagues from where I work now…
Now, Magically speaking, how you suggest I should act for myself? There is a way to know in advance what the committee will ask me?
I have absolutely to win this competition… please my friends, help me…


I worked with Lugh for something similar. I got what I asked for not what I wanted so be careful

Labezerin might help you with this, info and sigil here.

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Can you explain me more about that?

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In my case, I recited a prayer to Lugh which said so them why I’m the best in this place.

Technically he did deliver results. Many of the judges congratulated me and told me something along the lines of what was mentioned. I didn’t win however and he later revealed to me to be very specific with what I ask for as it can be dangerous when working with other entities.

I can recommend him but be very specific.

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