To Induce Very Deep Theta-Gamma Sync, Fast with no effort

I’m going to share a video with you that will help you reach the theta sync within 6-10 minutes if your eyes are open and you look at the picture on the video or within 2-5 minutes if your eyes are closed and listen to the tones only.

These are Isochronic tones set at 5 Hertz, a very soothing low frequency tone that will snap you right into theta with no effort on your part. If you view the image you will notice the pattern moves and it changes. The image on the screen is not actually moving or changing this is an optical illusion created by your eyes. It may appear as if you are swirling thru a tunnel, or the image may ripple like water in a pond, it may move up and down or side to side. The little rainbow dots may even sparkle like glitter.

A bit of warning! Until you become used to this tone there is a 97% chance you will fall asleep while listening to this even if you are sitting straight up so make sure to listen to this in a safe area. If you have no backyard and you go to a local park to meditate, I would advise that you just stay at home for your first several attempts with this as you could easily fall asleep on a park bench and not even realize someone is stealing your wallet right out of your purse or pocket.

This is no joke, you will be in a very deep trance and time will suddenly have no boundaries for you. This video lasts for one hour but when it finishes you will feel as if you have only been meditating for 10-20 minutes. Time flies by! For me, this video induces a very deep trance with mutliple vivid images popping in and out of my mind. You can also feel a presence suddenly creep up into your face, staring right at you, a little eerie, but similar to the presence Nox that appears during the invoking the darkness exercises from WOD. In fact, this may even be him that appears.

As the images come and go I also find myself coming in out of consciousness, almost like I am fainting and seeing visions while passed out, then waking up and opening my eyes for just a few seconds just long enough to see that I am still in my room then my eyes close again and I see darkness in my eyelids and the images start to appear again. Your ajna chakra will become VERY active during this meditation! You will see waves and ripples of blue and yellow light in the darkness of your eyelids if your eyes are closed during the first few minutes before things really start to get deep.

Listen as long as you have to. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by your own conscious thoughts. Listen to the beat and pay attention to only the beat and your breathing. USE HEADPHONES! If you use a speaker system it will only trigger relaxation in you like a mild sedative. You must wear headphones if you wish to experience the most intensely insane visuals. If the link does not work, let me know. I posted this from my ipad which was a pain in the ass to do and my ipad fucks up links all the time.

Last night when I did this again, I suddenly felt that presence right in my face and my conscious mind gave me that little tingle you feel in your stomach from sudden fear when something unknown happens. But I reminded myself that I only felt that fear because it crept up on me unexpectedly, then it went away. But then I could hear very intense low breathing in my right ear that had a hissing tone to it like a snake or a dragon was breathing down my neck and I had headphones on and my right earbud was pulled out of my ear by something unseen as if it did this so I could hear it breathe. It was insane. Like being in another world but like I said, do this in a safe and private place the first several times as you will most likely fall asleep unless you load up on speed, amphetamines, or energy drinks before hand. LOL


Has anyone else tried this yet? What type of results did you have? I am curious to know how others responded to this video.

Nice info. I was trying lots of those kind of video, but most of them do not work or rather makes me being nervous than relaxed. I will try one soon and let you know.

Haven’t had time yet but it’s on my list for when I do, and I’ll post up. :slight_smile:

Yep me too. I sometimes listen to binaural beats. Ill give this a go.

The link is not working, could you please post it again?

Are you viewing this thread from a mobile device? There is a problem on this site where links don’t work on mobile devices, the video either disappears and it says not available or if a link they are not clickable. My ipad is doing the same thing, but when I checked it from the desktop computer it shows the video embedded into this post which works just fine. Try it from a desktop if you can, you should be able to watch the video right from within this post.

I’ll try this out when I get home. I’ve only gotten to the theta sync once. Before took 20-30 minutes of regular meditation.

I’m about 25 minutes into the video as I type this. It’s turned up at full volume in my headphones to block out all outside noise. I tried gazing at the image, and then I opted to try it with eyes closed about 6 minutes in.

No vivid color ripples behind my eyelids or crazy images to report. I’m awake and fully alert. However, I’m experiencing this weird sensation that bodily I’m moving much slower than my mind. In fact, the world around me seems to be moving much slower than my mind now - like I’m still present, yet experiencing my body and the world from a slightly distant, detached place somewhere in existence. Hard to describe, save perhaps to liken the experience to having taken medicine that makes you heady. Even that description is horribly lacking.

And there is a pressure around the third eye area and the area of the nose bridge between the eyes - like a mild onset of an incoming nasal congestion. I also felt a mild pressure in the center of my chest and solar plexus, which came and went within the first few minutes of playing the video.

Anyone know what this is that I’m experiencing?

I’ll see about trying this video a few more times this week, and report any new findings.

Of course the results will be different for everyone. I imagine some may not even have a result with this video but for me, first two times it put me to sleep, 3rd and 4th times I had crazy visuals and was like fainting or something but I did not feel sick or dizzy like you do when you really faint, it was like I just blacked out and lost consciousness amd went somewhere else inside my mind. My body slouched over and my arms drooped down, I think it may have induced astral projection because each time I came to and open my eyes slightly my whole body was leaning sideways like I had a heavy pile of bricks under my skin weighing me down, similar to the way your body does during AP.

I will record myself the next time I do this and see what I look like afterward. I probably look like a catatonic idiot, probably even drooling on myself too. LOL

The audio doesnt come through. Do i need an earpiece?

Are you watching it on a mobile device? If so, the sound does not come thru on a mobile device for some reason but it works just fine on a desktop. However, I have not tried it with headphones on my ipad, I thought the same thing, maybe you have to use headphones to hear it on a mobile device. I have only used headphones on the desktop computer.

I was on my computer. I dont have any audio with or without the earpiece. Strange.

The audio might be out of range of what your earpiece can produce, or at least produce well. Certain low or high Hz sounds aren’t able to be produced by many stereo systems/head sets. Or if they are produced are extremely quiet so you won’t be able to hear them (even if they are in the audible sound range for humans).

It’s something to be aware of when experimenting with audios like the above. Sometimes they don’t work simply because they’re crap (there are a lot of shitty ones out there). But sometimes they won’t work because your audio system simply isn’t able to make the correct sound frequencies properly for them to work. Other times they won’t work because the sound file has been encoded inappropriately. For example, mp3’s often render binaural beats useless.

Working just fine for me. Do you have cheap headphones by any chance? You can also only hear this video if your headphones can pick up on a very low frequency tone such as 5 hertz. I am using Skull Candy earbuds. I have just been informed by several people on facebook who have seen this video, the sound does not work with lower quality headphones or average grade computer speakers like the ones that come from dollar or bargain stores, but they put in a pair of $15 to $50 headphones and they could suddenly hear the sound. If playing this out loud, some computer speakers will not pick up the sound so you can’t hear it thru your speakers but put on headphones and you can.

^ Lol. Guess we were typing at the same time.

it is most likely your headphones, unable to produce the sound. This seems to be the most common problem with no audio for this video, is the type of headphones. Because the person that made this video, all they focus on is videos like this. They have a ton of them and are very good at making them, They have thousands of followers and I have never had any problems until I just tried the video with my mom’s cheap headphones, and there was no sound. Put my Skull Candy’s back in and I had sound again. So it’s probably your headphones or speakers.

Do I need to watch and listen or just listen?

I have used these, for months- it helped, but I would not throw a guarantee of success with it. All people are different especially their internal make-up.

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I tried this last night and looking at the image made me a little bit nauseous. So I listened again this afternoon and I fell asleep and had a bizarre dream. It was like my subconscious held a springcleaning and had everything I’ve been dealing with lately squeezed into one dream. Will try again later.