To Forget



Which book is this?

My old friend sent me I don’t know.

She was a real witch😆

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I’ll try to forget my ex so…
Do correct me if I am wrong:

I need a white candle - write nous
Then black candle - I write hyle
Put my blood into it.
Where do I put my name??

I’ll do a writing - in a piece of paper “let me forget all the love, pain and memories I had with xxx”
Burn it with the flame of the white candle.

I open here the gate to the mind
So into it the darkness may over take and bind

Focus all the pain and loss into the fire as it burn.

What does it mean put the white candle into the dish??

Chant again
I call upon…

Then bury the remains in a cementary

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So I don’t actually know this spell but from reading it the question you had about put the white candle into the dish is the ash dish since it says immolating the memories , the question I have is what does it mean when it says out the black candle into the flame I think it means also add it to the ash dish so that the flame from the white candle is like burning the black candle aswell. Sounds like a pretty legit spell u fortunately for me the only thing I want to forget I can’t allow myself to because it’s a recurring thing and ibi forget what it is I’ll end up going insane again.