To find product ideas

What spirit can help me create interesting previously undiscovered internet-based products to attract people’s attention and get big investments?


I’d say yourself for starters, but perhaps King Bael?

I’m an enterprising rapper, full-stack developer and software engineer, people have produced everything they can. What I need is a spirit that will teach me about an internet-based invention, explain what it does and how to produce it, and a spirit that will enable investors to make it happen and get higher investment.

I own a inventors education company, what your asking for is the universe to choose you to create something…,that’s what your missing tho… it must choose you.

As for inventing, just look around your house, everything you see what create by an idea, mostly to make things easier.

For example I’ll invent something right now, i see a pen on my desk but sometimes I use a pencil, maybe I could combine them both?

So many ways to do it, you can spin the Platonic solids around in your mind and build objects or attach them to your fingers… I’m currently working on a book of the nature.

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What about an anti ransomware app? Ransomware has been huge in the news lately.
You could use blue dolphin to create a social app.

An app should only be used as an extension of a product, so a app to help the device work or a app to go along side a website.

A great internet based product was something I saw working in Radio Shack, it was a notebook or desktop that could only be used for email and word processing. Very little chance of a virus causing problems, and internet ready.

This is called the 3 sock product.

You can say I always loose a sock so I’m gonna sell 3 instead of a two pack.

But the thing is your competition could crush you in a matter of seconds by adding one sock to their products already mass produced and in stores all around the world.

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The problem is that it’s something that hasn’t been produced before, it’s an application that has no rivals.

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First find the niche and the markets predicted value in 3 years.

Now we will apply what we call sandbagging, I want you to take that number whatever the market predicts it will be at in 3 years and I want you to determine what is 1/10 of 1% of that number?

If that number is 1 million then you have a product or company you can sell or keep as a turn key business in 3 years.

Belphegor is another spirit you can try.