To ease suffering and destroy a cat serial killer

I just got back from the vet. A friend of mine, Shadow, is in dire straights.

Shadow is my neighbor’s cat, and they are not here right now. I went out back this afternoon and found him in a pile near my back door. His jaw is fucked; he can’t move it. Can’t even drink. His left eye’s pupil is dialated. Severe head trauma. His breathing is labored and there is blood running from his nose due to fractures in his sinus cavity.

The vet suggested killing him. The neighbor is in Scotland, and she is losing her fucking mind right now. I am cold with rage. The vet said he was kicked in the head, extremely hard. I refuse to let my friend die in my home.

So now he is in my living room, trying to fitfully sleep. He is dosed out of his mind on animal morphine. I have been using a child’s medicine syringe to give him water laced with anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, a bit at a time.

I have petitioned Sekhmet to show mercy on her child and allow him to heal, and Bastet to ease his suffering. I am going to stand vigil until morning, when my neighbor makes the decision as to what is done. I may or may not abide by her ruling.

Whoever did this is already dead, they just have not moved into that reality yet. I WILL destrot this person. This is the third cat in as many months to be kicked like this. My neighbor across the street…her cat disappeared in the Spring. About a week before that, my own cat came home one night with all the whiskers on one side of his face neatly cut off. There is a sick motherfucker in the neighborhood who’s quickly shortening life is about to get very interesting.

On that note, does anyone have any specific magickal advice I can use to help my friend? I know to also call upon Marbas, Raphael, etc. But my skills as a healer are lacking, as is my base of knowledge on the subject. I am open to any and all genuine suggestions.

If anyone has any knowledge of herbs, techniques, etc I can use to help him on the physical end of things, that would also be appreciated. I have a pretty wide spread of things to work with, but I have officially reached the end of my skills.

It is my ardent will he survives the night. If he survives the night then there is a chance of recovery.

Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Place a circle of candles around the cat but far enough to where it doesnt freak him the hell out.

6 or fewer are enough.

Continue to give the medicine and herbs as youve been doing.

Use your Will to push power and energy into the cat with the intent of survival…PURE SURVIVAL. Push that energy from your Root chakra, through your hand, and into Shadow. This will magnify his Will to Live and Hold on.

Mark The Circle with The Runes. All 24. And evoke Frejya as Cats are her favorite. Channel her power through you into Shadow with the intent to further Strengthen his will to live.

Then Evoke Mercury and petition him to strengthen the Natural Qualitied of the medicine you are giving him so that he survives the night and recovers.

Im not a cat or animal lover but im sending a metric fuckton of power and will to assist our Wounded animal brother.
He will survive.


I’ve always kind of been a natural at healing animals. If you have any catnip and are able to get them to digest some, it’s a mild sedative… otherwise I will aid by trying to take away the negative energies of him. I will also give prayers for the poor thing. I have always adored Sekhmet and Bastet. You certainly put the little one in proper hands no matter what they choose.

I remember when I was very small, going to an Egyptian exhibit. In one hall they had statues of each God. Real ones not replicas. They were very big. Anubis gave me very terrified feelings. But Bastet made me pause. She was so full of love, comfort, and healing energies that I didnt want to leave her side. and my eyes were lead to the kittens crafted at her feet. So I will pray to her as well as her sister. And give what I can.

Just make him comfy and try to get small amounts of water to him. Anyone who could do that deserves worse than death.


As we all should. Poor little one…


Im laughing my ass off because the fucker who did this gonna experience what hell of Earth actually is :joy::joy::joy::joy:

He better enjoy the use of his 5 senses while he still has them :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


My sentiments exactly.


Ill call on all the spirits and send as much energy as possible


Adopt the runic posture of Elhaz - palms facing upward. Call in healing energies. You’ll feel these gathering around your solar plexus. Always keeping your arms straight, lower these over the cat allowing the energies to transfer to the cat.

Make (face to face) contact with the police. Animal cruelty is often the first sign of child abuse and anti-social behaviour. The police should know this pattern of behaviour.



You have not just a cat killer, but an actual serial killer in your area. Better to deal with it soon.
I hope kitty baby is going to be okay. :cry::cry::cry:


Please keep us posted


Blessings be upon the poor kitty Shadow. May he recover and heal speedily from the evil that has befallen him but if his spirit chooses to leave this plane, may the gods lead him playfully to the other side :cry:

This kind of shit hurts me more than I can describe. The perpetrator deserves to be wiped from all of existence. :rage:


oh that is HORRIBLE!! That person will be punished. I have an idea about calling on the Prophet Mohammed to destroy the cat serial killer. It sounds insane, I know, but I read in a text some years ago that the prophet loved cats soo much that he made it law that anyone who killed or hurt a cat was put to death.
One of the spirits who walks with me, told me to suggest calling on Mohammed to unleash hell on this cat killer. They say (my spirits) that the sick fck is a male and he’s under 21, I’m feeling that he’s a teenager and he’s caucasian with reddish hair, ruddy complexion and pale blue eyes…they are little mean eyes too. He will start hurting females next, he’s already a rapist.


I agree Rose8, I replied before reading your post and my spirits told me the same type of thing oh him.


I keep getting images that King Paimon has feline familiars around Him, big and small. I’ve been seeing them around Him. He’ll send something viscious to this rotten piece of crap. When he dies, he’ll get spat out into oblivion…


Okay… I really want to kill whoever did this to those cats…
But i suppose you have this under control.

I do hope the cat gets healed up soon. Love to you and death to the sick mother fucker who did this and keeps doing this.


I’m glad to see so many of us are on this. Honestly what they deserve is to be so obliterated that they cant even reincarnate. That’s the kind of energy we dont want recycling back into the life cycle. Even as a plant or very minor insect.


I’m realy sorry that this happened to your dear friend. I hope you find the bastard who did this. Why would you do this to such an innocent sweet animal? I cannot comprehend that.


Well, he pulled through the night.

Not a great shot, but it was the best I could do with him hiding under a table. You get the idea. One of his eyes is dead; no movement in it, pupil won’t close up. His face is deformed. I did not see it last night but his teeth on the lower right side of his jaw are sticking straight out the side. And he stinks like death. Literally death. It’s the same smell that comes off a carcass in the woods that has sat for a few days, just less intense.

What do you think? Mercy him?

We will see what happens today. Thank you for your help, everyone.


Hopefully the gods can save him but if not…bless the poor thing


It was also law in parts of ancient Egypt. I have new respect for Mohammad now.

I normally say unleash the hounds on these people but I think Sekemet devouring him slowly, causing great pain until death is appropriate.
I also agree with contacting police too. Maybe Belial can assist with helping them catch the creature.