To curse someone

Ok so yesterday I felt that someone sent negative energy my way (just because they are not getting their own way and their getting pissed at me lol) and I felt and saw psychically what they have done knowingly or unknowingly - so I wish to send the cold wind back to their way tenfold - how do I go about doing this now ? I have no guilt or emotion attached so will be easy to do and not look back. I have sent some intent whilst visualizing but I’m thinking of making an effigy in her name and F*****g it up. But has anyone got any input or help please ?


How about a million fold?
Got the perfect video for you.
Just came out today.


Make a shoebox with two little mirrors pointing at each other and place a focus of your choosing inside between the mirrors.
Tie a ribbon in a color of your choosing around the box and hide it.

One of the tricks is to end up with a clean healthy aura, unless you feel really aggressive and don’t mind the negativity of baneful meditations.

Someone who cursed you might want you to feel shitty and pissed, so do something that puts you in a good mood first. Then make your retort in a serene and confident state of mind.


Going to check that video out! Thanks. Yes a million fold sounds good.

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