To become a streamer

I’m going to let my newbie show and ask a really dumb question. Let’s say I want to be a popular streamer on twitch or any other live streaming service, is there a spell i can cast, or a demon i could turn to that could help me achieve this goal?

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Becoming anything is hard work.

You could cast spells that enhance your luck, and line things up in your favor, but the best thing to do is to just start. Post content, and keep posting content, stream consistently, get those social medias up, be interactive and likable, and start with a manageable, realistic, schedule. Identify your niche, what do you want to stream? What do you want to be known for? Break it down into goals, and then sub-goals, and then don’t give up. Perseverance and consistency is what builds an audience.

Look at what your favorite streamers are doing, and take notes. Look around at other popular streamers and see how they conduct themselves, how they update shit, etc. Learn from those who have been doing it successfully for years, and with observation and a bit of elbow grease and a lot of hard work, you too can become a ‘popular streamer’. Anybody can stream, why would they watch you?

Once you have your goals down, you can start to plan and research, and then cast magic or spells to help you reach the goals bit by bit. Baby steps. You don’t become popular or blow up overnight.

Magic will and can help you reach your goals, but it won’t replace hard work and dedication.


@Ryce beautiful brother, thank you. I too want to start streaming and a YouTube channel I love video games so I want to stream and post that. I actually do have a YouTube channel but the only problem is life gets in the way and I never had time to buy the equipment yet.

If you notice, most streamers videos start out as sub-par, so don’t worry about it.

You will get better at making videos and get better equipment as you go down your path. Just starting out, you should be posting, posting, posting, streaming, etc. Get into the habit of editing videos and whatnot, recording, etc. That way you can prove to yourself that ‘yes I am serious about this’ and then it will be easier to justify the monetary investment in better equipment.

Hardly anyone starts out with their own studio xD It is highly unrealistic and quite gatekeep-y to put that expectation on yourself.

Life gets in the way? Sure, but you can still build habits, and if it is something you are serious about things will line up.

I am a self-published author so I know all about ‘finding time’ and getting serious about something. It is OK to start out small and manageable, and it is OK if you just want to do this as a hobby, to pass time. Set ONE day for you to stream (live or something), record, ect. Then work on the video over the course of a week, for youtube. It doesn’t have to be a big production. Just have fun with it.

The worst thing to happen would be to turn something you love into a source of anxiety and dread because you beat yourself up over unrealistic expectations. You are human (in a general sense of the phrase), and its OK to come off as amatureish. You will grow and prosper over time, learn the tips and tricks as you DO and then you will slowly find yourself becoming what you want to be. It is amazing what consistent, realistic, baby steps do to help you reach the person you want to become.

Magic can help with that too, but willpower is needed.


Its about marketing and cross pollination magick will help you meet the right people and will help you research the right stuff.

But you still gotta put in the work, but ill say if you are serious your guides will takeout other pleasures so that you get a lot of pleasure from what you want.

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Use autosuggestion to program yourself for success while you put in the work.

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Good question and I think King Paimon perhaps