To banish unwanted persons from home


Hey everybody! Popping by to start some dialogue that has me stumped yet again lol. I was looking through the goetia and abramelin on and couldn’t find a square or sigil used to banish a person or unwanted guest from your home and to never return. Does anybody know of one I might have missed and any possible success you’ve had with it? I’ve had previous experience with banishings using the hoodoo and witchcraft methods with moderate success and sometimes really good success in other situations. My success with these other methods tends to vary in potency depending on the person and situation and how long banishment is needed. One time it only took me a piece of black cotton thread and nine knots made to keep a harmful person from ever returning to my home, just attached it to the doorknob until the lease was up and didn’t see him for over five months and still haven’t! Just curious if a square or sigil would probably be more appropriate since i want this person out asap.


Evoke an entity to take then out or use some of Dante’s hellfire water.


I realize that my post made not alot of sense. I apologize folks.