To all musicians, question about banishing

Hi there guys, is there a method to do banishing through music Instruments? Is there any work or author such evolved in magic rituals to combine them? I am mainly interested in guitar, harp, Saxophon maybe Mandoline too.


Afaik it’s usually percussion used for this, like sistrums and rattles in shamanism, clapping hands, and drumming, but these may be used in some traditions I don’t know about. :+1:

I’ve seen some big funerals in New Orleans using jazz instruments, there may be an association there to research for the sax if they were influenced by hoodoo?


Chech this out

Music Magick: Ritual Music & Casting Spells with Music


The ringing of bells has been traditionally used to clear an area as well as drums, as @Lady_Eva has said.


When I “hit” my tibetan bowl with the mallet indeed I think that it could also serve as a banishing.


Diabolus <3

I found this… still looking for a banishing but like a Song. I also use bells.

There are certain tones and pitches (which would be frequencies in the form of sounds, vibrations) that are associated with different intents/energies.

More dissonant sounds are associated with chaos, destruction, hexing, etc. But certain pitches do certain things. There are a few books on this.

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How can I get those books please?