Titles, labels, etc

This may end up being a controversial topic, which I welcome, as I am interested in opinions, beliefs, personal experiences. I am, after all, on a journey on the Left Hand Path which at its nature is antimonial to begin with, as well as chaos magick and choosing what works for myself.

That being said, what titles, labels, would you use in your craft or workings? Magus? Priest? Shaman? When do these apply, under which circumstances?

Personally I haven’t been doing rituals or performing spells yet. I want to have a solid foundation. I want to be sure that I will be able to handle what I do. My focus right now is theoretical before the practical application. Reading as much as I can. Meditation. I am following along with both Mason’s DRB as well as Kelly’s Apophis as they are specific to the path I have chosen, and have received my awakening flame project from the Temple of Awakening Flame to begin my initiation. I am taking my time to prepare before I begin the project.

That being said, clearly I have not been initiated or accepted into the temple. However I am committed to my path and my purpose. So I refer to myself as a black Magus.

Some may agree. Some may say it’s too soon and I haven’t earned the right. Opinions? Thoughts?

I’d also welcome suggested tags for this topic as I was unable to find some that are appropriate to the post.


For me, everything has a purpose.

Labels are helpful for getting into the correct mind frame, energy, etc for something and serve as a tool. But like a tool, it shouldn’t be clung to. Eventually you’ll want to expand past it, because you’re more than just a label. I just woke up so I hope that makes sense.

You’ll hear me call myself a warlock here and there. Other times an Oracle or what not.


In ritual, I use my own name, as it brings a strong sense of self. That to me hold more power than other labels do, even though I know that what is me goes beyond my name.

Outside of ritual, I use the term magician or sorcerer more for others’ understanding than for myself.

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I agree, it does help with the focus I think. Especially to get past any barriers or self doubt that my subconscious may be clinging to, before I begin the rituals. To consider myself a successful magus as I go about my mundane day. But it is also important not to limit yourself.

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Titles need to be earned. If you personally have not done anything ritualistic nor Ceremonial, Magus is inappropriate. Initiate would fit. Just being honest. You will feel better about it once you earn it, and you know when you have, when you do.

Only two Titles I have: Adept and Firekeeper. I have been among private groups where that was given to me due to experience only. I am a Firekeeper for my Native tribal practices.

Unless you are a Discordian. If you follow Eris, by all means, make up whatever Title you want: Black Pope of the Abyss, Aethyr Magus of the 11th Circle, Black Adept of the Eternal Umbral Flame, etc.

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Certainly a valid opinion as well, and one I figured someone would be bound to express. And I feel that way, somewhat.

However, what’s also important is the work is lived. Especially in the Draconian Current. Implements, and the rituals that use them, are nothing more than tools. From my learnings, everything can be done in the minds eye. In the astral, so to speak.

The work is the path, the path is the work, changing within. And is it not said, call things that be not as though they were? By speaking of myself as a Magus, I’m declaring my will into the universe.

Most important, I do meditate. And I have been speaking to Lucifer. I may not be at the point where I can hear him clearly. But in my past I have done energy, and spiritual work. And I do recognize, the feelings of a presence, and agreement and disagreement so to speak, the vibes.

For myself, at least, this feels right, for the path I’m on.