Hello, fatigue affects the evocations?

It effects your ability to concentrate (I speak from experience), which is crucial for any magical work.

Yes. How it affects them depends on you and the kind of fatigue.

Physical exercise, to where your body is spent can be an “easy” way to relax your body which is great for concentration - unless you go too far with it.

If you have a general malaise where your fatigued and feeling very physically and mentally lazy then it will probably be very negative and make it difficult.

Sleep deprivation i.e. skipping sleep or severely restricting it for a few days can be very good for evocation. Your “grip” on reality starts to loosen and those doubts that run through your head start to disappear when sleep deprived. You will fairly naturally drop into “trance” states and be very impressionable. However, like The Cusp said it’s not very good for concentration, so it is a balancing act.

I’d encourage you to deliberately experiment and see how it effects you. I personally find some sleep deprivation very beneficial at times. Not something you’d want to do too much. Of course, don’t do this if you have to go anywhere - it’s not safe for you or others if you drive sleep deprived. Ideally you’ll be able to be alone throughout the “experimental period” and able to sleep afterwards before you have to do anything.

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this tiredness came to me after i evoke a spirit…

It’s normal to feel tired after an evocation. Go and do something physical afterwards like go for a walk or make a sandwich. I would only worry if the tiredness continued on to the next day.

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Perhaps you need to be more thorough with your banishing. Everything requires you attention to exist. These things like existing, so they’re not going to want to give your attention back, which could leave you drained.