Tips on using Success Magick by Damon Brand

So starting today I’m going to do the workings form success Magick by Damon Brand.

Since it’s gonna be a long undertaking and I have done anything like this before I thought I should ask some advice for everyone here who used it before me.

If you have any suggestions or advice on how I should approach this please comment.

Thank you :heart:


‘Success’ to whom ?

My advice would be to find a schedule for the rituals that works best for you and follow it. Brand gives a few options in the book, so choose the one that you feel you can fully commit to. I chose to do each ritual for a week, when I worked through the book, as Brand recommends, but you could also do each for only three days.


I’m having a lil confusion about the first ritual. The perception part to be particular. I didn’t understand what should I do to “see the beauty” in everything and also giving away my magick.

Can you please explain to me how you did the first ritual?

Seeing the beauty is simply looking at what is in front of you and opening up your perception. There is beauty in everything, if you choose to see it. Use all of your senses, and become aware of the subtleties of light and shadow, of the air currents as they caress your skin. Don’t overthink it, it’s not an intellectual exercise, but one of feeling. Don’t criticize or judge what you are looking at, just try to see the inherent beauty as it is.

As for “giving away your magick,” you’re not really giving anything away. What you are doing is performing an act of love and appreciation for the magick itself, and sharing that with humanity as a whole. In doing so, you increase your own results because when you appreciate something, you naturally want to share it with others, and the universe responds to that energy by giving you more to appreciate and share. That’s why charitable giving out of genuine gratitude for what you have, not obligation, is part of many different spiritual traditions, including the New Thought and Law of Attraction movements . It connects you to a deeper current of power (in my opinion it’s also why offerings to spirits should never be thought of as payment for services, but rather as gifts you are giving out of genuine appreciation for their help).

All I did is perform the gesture as Brand describes, with the intention of giving the magick to humanity. Nothing else is required.