Tips for using pendulums in spirit communication?

Hello, I want to use my pendulum as an aid in spirit communication so I know that a spirit is listening to me and my request[s], and if it will carry it out. How long do I have to gaze at an entity’s sigil and/or call for it to evoke it before I am ready to try speaking to it, such as asking it to use the pendulum to make communication easier, and how would I know if it isn’t just my arm or movement from my body that’s doing it instead of most likely being the desired entity I’m calling for?

Is this your first time to use pendulum for any purpose at all?

About gazing at a sigil, continue until either it seems to change, you feel an alteration of consciousness, a presence nearby or a force in yourself. The last three apply also to repeating the calling of an entity.
Ritualizing the use of pendulum may make it more reliable: candles, incense, perhaps invoking the four elements (or archangels/elemental demons…)


I’ve done both. I’ve waiting until I feel a presence and then use that to communicate in that case or ask the Pendulum directly for verification without feeling a strong presence. If you have a good bond with the Pendulum and LLC am clear your own mind well enough, you can get remarkable truths.


Yes, my first time.

Brace the arm holding the pendulum against something for support, hold still and keep an eye on how your breathing affects the pendulum’s movement. I recommend slow, calm breaths. The pendulum should move on it’s own when held perfectly still. Hold the chain in one hand and hover your other hand underneath the pendulum if you can, this will create a circuit or conduit using your energy and makes it easier for spirits to communicate because you are already providing energy they can utilize for themselves and they don’t have to go through the trouble of producing more energy to move the pendulum.

In my experience, your hands work better than a pendulum stand due to the drastic energy levels of the stand versus your hands. I can’t even get a pendulum to respond to me on a stand unless I touch the chain of the pendulum where it’s connected on the stand.

I’m a beginner on the pendulum as well, not saying that it’s impossible to get the pendulum to work on a stand, just that a lot of practice is required. I’ve had one of my pendulums for 5 months now and 2 months ago I received my second one. The amount of time I put into the pendulum’s so far is probably a week or two total if you only count how often I asked them questions. I’ve been carrying them around in my pocket and tuning them into my energy ever since I got them.

I don’t recommend pendulums that have already been charged for you by someone else. My yes on my pendulum is clockwise circles, and my no is counter-clockwise circles. My second pendulum came reiki charged. The energy from the reiki charge had reversed the yes and no for me.
I had to carry that pendulum around since I got it to reset it’s energy and 2 weeks ago the yes and no were finally reversed back to my yes and no.

A few days ago I chatted with Lucifer by holding his sigil and Micah’s Seal of Manifestation under the pendulum. It also helps if you include the entity’s name in each question. The yes and no may change for each entity, so always start out with asking the entity to take control of the pendulum, ask the entity if it is now controlling the pendulum, and ask the entity to show you yes and no. I have not experienced the yes and no changing depending on the entity controlling it, but I always double check.

It also helps if you activate the sigil and the seal of Manifestation, you don’t have to activate the seal, but it helps. I activated the sigil and seal with some of my blood

Here’s the thread for the Seal of Manifestation:


I gaze at the sigil until I feel them or the sigils starts going wonky, then I call them forth. For the pendulum, I recommend using one dedicated to spirit work. For example, when working with spirits I use pendulums made from Amethyst or Lapiz Lazuli since they’re associated with the upper chakras that connect us to the divine. You will know if it’s you moving it, but if you’re worried you can hang it up on the wall or put it in a jar. Make sure you’re grounded as well.

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