Tip book

I only give a small tip for protection, banishment, removal of entities and attachments, freezing curse, protection of your home, shield against magic
specifically everything is in the book by Ben Woodcroft Angelic Protection Magick
I have tried the rituals in this book, even if not all of them, but what I tried really works, you also get a feeling of security and peace,at least it was like that for me
there is also a link to his website in the book, how to pronounce those names and words correctly, it is recorded in the video
you can also find the book in pdf version on the Internet

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and when i want to make some protection, banishment in my penthouse, must i do it in all rooms or just living room only ?

the main room is enough
and in that room 1 wall 1. day, then 2 wall 2.days
and you do it for 4 days

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thank you @sara123 mucho for an answer

and i´d want to know if we can chatting again in DM please
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hello @sara123 ,do you have spell, ritual or demon … that help me to make another person not be angry at me anymore ??

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