Tiny demon dog in my house

so I was getting food last night down stairs and as I was coming to the kitchen their was a little dark dog like creature sitting in the darkness staring at me. I turned in the light and it was gone. so i got some food and a drink and shut of the light. now the little dog was standing next to me so I went up stairs And it dissapered from behind me. as I approached the top of the stair case the little guy ran across in front of me and into my bedroom. my question is what is this an imp or something. I have hell hounds two of them but they are a lot bigger than that. so any Ideas?




Donno man

Demonic Doggo? :thinking:


it’s not agressive nore passive just walk about my house with out a care in the world but also follows me at times

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Hell hounds can get small too. It sounds like one of them. They change and get big when there is a threat or when they want to, but since it was quiet and you were going to bed he was just being your dog companion. It’s cute! I can picture them curled up in bed with you all comfy like a happy little dog.


they do sleep with me it makes me feel safe

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I don’t know exactly what it is, beyond being a manifestation, but I know exactly what you’re referring to. I have one as well. When I cleanse my place, I allow the entities who are there with no ill will to stay. One of them is the weird little shadow dog.
It’s dog-like, anyhow. Sort of a dog cat pig.


Mine sleeps on my bed also. It is a very crowded bed!! Sometimes i wonder how they all fit on there but they do! #dogpile!!

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It will probably disappear if you don’t feed or encourage it. It’s just some astral dude, if you’re happy you could play fetch with him!

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