Timeline/reality shifts

I have been lately experiencing these weird reality or timeline jumps.

Just to give couple of examples, late yesterday evening I put my crystals by the window to charge in the moonlight. On morning I looked and they weren’t there. They were in the wooden chest where I always keep them. So did I put them by the window or did I not? Did other me do that and that didn’t really happened in this reality or opposite?

Another experience, I was going for a cig, thought to use a bathroom before I go, put the cig on the counter, visit the bathroom, came back and cig wasn’t there anymore. Instead I’m pretty sure it was back in the cigarette box because there was only few left and I could tell.
Did other me went to bathroom before she took the cig so I never took it from there?

Hope that made any kind of sense to someone. Has anyone had similar kind of experiences? How could I use this for my advantage? Also what can cause this? Does several interactions in the short period with the demons have anything to do with that?
I don’t find it scary, just mainly confusing and both little annoying and amusing.

Lost car key syndrome

I’ve been having similar experiences. For instance, The Lego Movie 2 released last week-ish, which caught a bunch of my coworkers and I off guard. We didn’t even know it confirmed a release date.

Time in magick seems like a fringe topic sometimes (maybe even forbidden). I highly doubt you will find any answers close to what you’re looking for. You will probably get very intellectual answers though.

Maybe it was a false memory. Some people live so far in the future that decisions you’re really adamant about start to look like the past. Do you often lose things?

You been playing with Enochian?

@anon496642 Thanks for clearing that to me. And no it didn’t felt like a false memory thing, this only has been happening a little while now.

@anon47923162 Nope I haven’t.

Alright cause enochian can really mess with timelines. It could also be a case where some spirits are teleporting objects especially if you notice things you leave out always returning to where they normally belong could be some helpful house spirits have taken residence and gained enough influence for such things and think they are helping keep everything tidy by putting things back where they go.


The Mandela Effect is an ever-present thing when fucking with time.

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Any suggestions as to how to find these house cleaning spirits. I could really use on. :joy:

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I don’t have much experience with them but looking into folklore and nature spirits would seem to be a way. Things such as Brownies and other helpful Faefolk.

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I remember a thing that if you have carbonmonoxide leak in your house, it will cause shit like this. Get a detector if you don’t

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Actually that a really good idea. My sister lives in Ireland and is a Druid, she could probably help me with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@anon47923162 Faes would actually seem to be one option, but that’s not a case now. I’m very close with faes, they hazzle close to me all the time and this is not them. Besides when they take my stuff it takes a while before I find them and never from the place I left them.

@cyberseeker Thank you for the link, bookmarked it. Am I experiencing “rippling”?