Time travel

Can we chanel whit rob magis channeling method to find out him time travel method or its better to evoke person dont know how to do it but which is better

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Do whatever method is easier for you to achieve what you’re trying to achieve. If you can channel, channel. If you want to learn to evoke but don’t know how, just use the search bar, there are many topics on evocation.
I pretty much use the method Lady Eva shared for evocation of a Demon, just adapting it to whatever i’m evoking for the most part. I do believe there are a few time travel topics here as well. Search bar-sensei can show you im sure.
And If you do find out the secrets of time travel (and crack the code)… let your boy know :wink:
Ah those good ol’ days when life was simple (which were honestly mostly based on ignorance than anything else haha) :day dreams:

lol as @Hidden_God said. let me know if you find anything about the time travel thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Your not gonna time travel physically - it’s all relative to conciousness and rearranging parts of your mind - fixing the “past fixes the present “ but really the memories of past or future is just portions of your awareness being concious of those realities

im afraid John W. is correct. But you never know :crossed_fingers: