Time to move on

So, I have ultimately decided that I dont necessarily want my ex back, but she raised the bar. She was smoking hot, smart, talented (Played the piano and sang beautifully) sexy metal chick in a band and was into the occult as much as I am. So what I have decided is that what I really want are those qualities in a partner. I’m looking for a spell or set of spells to draw someone new into my life that will be a better match for me. I am ready to move on and form something new. I dont like who i am with my ex.


Moving on is never an easy thing for anyone. But its good that your doing that. Spell wise, first off you could contact deities that can help such as aphrodite or lucifer (for example). Explain your situation to them and see what you guys can work out. Whenever your out somewhere on the lookout for girls, have a stone in your pocket charged with your intent. Clear quartz is perfect to program, and rose quartz is associated with love too. Incorporate dragons blood incense when/if you charge up the stones. The incense is good for any love ritual. So is cinnamon incense. Also You can incorporate cinnamon oil with a candle by first charging the candle with the intent of bringing new love into your life, then anointing the candle with the oil, light up the candle and let it burn till it burns out by itself.

Hopefully these ideas will help you out :slight_smile:



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