Time To Find The Undiscovered God

Finding A Undiscovered God.

Okay here is where this all started.

I created a poll for which entity to work with next and one of the options were to discover a god that hasn’t been found or has never come into contact with a human being.

Now I am planning on doing this tonight I kind off want to walk you all through what I’ll be doing.

The Beginning Of The Journey.

Okay first off I must be free of any specific spiritual type of vibrations. Meaning that I must be a open vibration not vibrating at a angelic, demonic, light or dark frequency.

This is to ensure that my vibrational state doesn’t determine a certain type of entity stepping forward. I’ll be cleansing myself and purifying myself, which I’ve already begun.

24 hour fasting as well as a spiritual cleansing bath, fumigating my body in my purification incense blend.

I’ll be meditating balancing the self perfectly and focusing on the intention of the task at hand.

How will I discover the god ?.

I will be opening a gateway into all the various planes of existence. This gateway I will issue spiritual guards either side, these guards are close entities off mine.

They are able to tell if the spirit is harmful and they control the gate. They are able to make sure nothing gets out of hand and that the spirit that passes comes when I want it too and leaves when I want it too.

I’ll be using specific mudras and words of power to ensure the spirit isn’t a imposter and to ensure it tells me the whole truth.

The guards/gatekeepers will also ensure nothing else enters the temple. These guards also shield the area from any external influences or hinderances to the ritual.

Once the contact is made with the entity, I will ask specific questions.

  1. What is you’re name.
  2. Where do you come from.
  3. What species of spirit are you.
  4. What is you’re house/agenda.
  5. Do you have a sigil or symbol by which you can be called into this world again.
  6. What knowledge do you possess which can help me and my species in their development and ascent.

Once these formal questions are asked, I will leave my body and follow the spirit through the gate which it travelled through.

I will go to its realm and document what I see and experience there. Depending on how this all goes i may start a pathworking with this entity and once all gnosis and notes are gathered.

I will share with you all, what I learned.




Good luck


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Sounds like a good project; it’s always good to branch out and uncover spirits who can offer new insight into our practice. My only question is, what’s your definition of God? ( ie. are you looking for a new system here etc. ) or do you mean god as in an exceedingly powerful spirit?

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