Time to curse the chemtrail pilots!

Who’s with me? They’re really spraying Maine today…so bad you can barely see the blue sky anymore on what would be a gorgeous day.



I just wanna say, yes!! Them, the Vatican , And government leaders who are behind indoctrination’s


I’m so down.


Great !! Take them down. Jerks poisoning their own families. Messed up.

…unless they’re only contrails? Then you’d be the jerks cursing innocent pilots.


And if chemtrails are real, curse whoever decided to put them into place, not the muscle work. If chemtrail pilots die whoever is doing this (if it’s being done) will just hire new pilots.


Maybe we could manipulate people to stand up for their rights for clean air and water some how. I know it’s not just contrails. It was so bad yesterday it gave me a cough. The snow here melting so slow even tho its been in the 70s. Scary stuff . People here have been so so sick this year too. There must be a way to stop it!!

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Be careful that you’re not investing your energy into a conspiracy, cause then you see stuff like slow-melting snow because you expect and create it. And cognitive dissonance works against you too.

Why would the government poison us via the air when they’re already giving us chemicals in food? Water? That stuff is actually scientifically proven. There’s no reason for them to spray people with planes.

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There are other reasons if you do your research. It’s not a conspiracy unfortunately.

I’m sure there are other reasons. And I’m sure there’s a whole lot you could read out there and call research. But until it’s scientifically proven it is technically a conspiracy. Sorry.

It has been proven. It’s illegal to collect rainwater in several states because it’s been tested with high amounts of aluminum and barium. It was on the discovery channel as well. It’s well known. But don’t take my word for it, ask a spirit or research. Or dont. It’s ok really.

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That basic thermodynamics my dude. And the added stuff in the rain water is more likely coming from it evaporating into the sky with the water. A lot of that comes from industrial run off and large scale farming. And that’s not conspiracy, that’s people just not caring about the enviroment at all so they can increase their amount of production and profit.


I’d be working more on what Encore19 mentioned, those scientifically proven poisons that are right now harming us and not a “maybe, maybe not” situation.

This stuff could be true okay, however I find it odd that you’re screaming about getting this stopped but not about what’s already proven and in our faces? This is what bothers me.

Now are you saying “someone” is paying pilots to willingly fly planes over cities and spray chemicals on civilians? Is that what your saying? I want to be sure.

dont curse the pilots. they only do what they are told. curse the release mechanisms.
manipulate people’s minds to make sure such devices are removed from all planes.

dont curse someone who is responsible for so many innocent lives while moving hundreds of miles an hour flying through the sky. (will end in a plane crash)

(also advocating cursing people is a violation of the forum rules)

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Theres no people on those planes except a couple. They’re only chemical pumps. Look up inside chem trail plane pictures . They’re online. But I agree, the problem goes deeper . Just want a solution.

you want a solution??? do magic to make NASA and other space agencies around the world stop their terraforming prototypes and geo-engenerring projects. all of them.

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Take off your tin foil hat and think for a few minutes.

The government has done a lot of sneaky, sleazy shit in it’s history, but the chemtrail conspiracy theory is just stupid. Why would the people in power fill the air they breathe with these chemicals?

Don’t you think quite a few airmen would come forward and say something if there was any truth to this at all?


they get killed moron

If you want to knock planes out of the sky with magick just go for it. No need to use the chemtrail theory as an excuse unless you really need the justification and if you need to reach so much to justify your actions then it is probably not worth it. It is probably more fun to just use energy manipulation of make your neighbor’s drone crash into a window though.
Just saying.