Time to blow your mind - the "block world" concept

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To have unlimited control over everything, you have to operate from beyond space-time. There is this something that holds everything together, including space-time, and that is the power you tap into. You will then realise nothing is set in stone, not even space-time itself. Consciousness, believe it or not, is not the ultimate reality.

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I can totally get on board with quantum physics. Love this stuff. Only thing that really makes me think

During an evocation Azazel showed me how illusive time was to I remember when it happened I could fully understand like deep soul wise but I did not have the proper words or even concept to go about it. The best I had was this theory, and realtivity as well as the relationship of timespace.
But this video is much closer to the working gnosis I obtained.

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I summon this thread from the grave to add a slightly related paradigm:


Multi-solipsism, or the many-minds worldview.

Here are some notes I’ve taken, but I recommend reading the whole PDF/essay.

We never experience reality directly. Every last scrap of our external experience is of virtual reality … every last last scrap of our knowledge — including our knowledge of the non-physical worlds of logic, mathematics, and and philosophy, and of imagination, fiction, art, and fantasy — is encoded in the form of programs for the rendering of those worlds on our brain’s own virtual-reality generator.

Consider the nerve signals reaching our brains from our sense organs. Far from providing direct or untainted access to reality, even they themselves are never experienced for what they really are — namely crackles of electrical activity. Nor, for the most part, do we experience them as being where they really are — inside our brains. Instead, we place them in the reality beyond. We do not just see blue: we see a blue sky up there, far away. We do not just feel pain: we experience a headache, or a stomach ache. The brain attaches those interpretations — ‘head’, ‘stomach’, and ‘up there’ — to events that are in fact within the brain itself.

Naturally, the accustomed identity is the physical body, but if the inside view is taken to be that defined by sensory data, even the body is indeterminate except where observed, like everything else in the world. Thus as von Baeyer states in QBism: “If I am the agent, the objective world is everything outside my mind — including other agents and even my own body. All of that I may, if I choose, treat quantum mechanically and describe by wave-functions.”

…There are different physical states of an object in physical reality, in the same place at the same time. This is the meaning of Schrödinger’s cat. The explanation is the many-worlds reality of the experimenter. Before opening the box the experimenter is present in a great number of worlds, in half of them the cat is dead and in half it survived. Then, on observation, the cat is found to be in one state or the other because the experimenter is, as a result, present in only half those worlds.

The surreal implication is that individuals live in different versions of physical reality in what appears to be the same world, as illustrated by [the] Wigner’s friend [experiment].

A particular body is instantiated in many versions of a quasi-classical world, all coincident. Thus the body is not only correlated with them all but actually in them all: hence world superposition for the physical observer […] anything not correlated with the observer is a superposition of all possible states. This explains how physical reality is different for different physical observers […] different observers live in different world superpositions: each relative state is a different class-of-worlds-as-a-world. The result is a purely relative state with each frame of reference defined with respect to the observer.

The effective physical environment of [the] protagonist is the superposed sum of these worlds, a class-of-worlds-as-a-world, here a “World”. This is by definition indeterminate except where defined by the record of observations experienced: all else is the superposition of all possible variations. Thus the determinacy of the physical reality is defined by the record of observations, which is the definition of the protagonist.

…The brain constructs a three-dimensional virtual-reality model of the world … this virtual-reality representation is mentally projected to coincide with the real world perceived. Thus the effect is logically identical to a three-dimensional holographic image, here the “World Hologram”. The World Hologram, the reality of the conscious individual at all times, still seems a strange identity for a living human entity. Just such a figure, however, is the central feature of the world hologram. This is the self-concept. The self-concept is the entire definition of the self as defined by observations over the lifetime. The integrated synthesis of all these observations is this self-concept: the known self. Naturally, this is the central feature of the world hologram, the reality at zero distance from the self. This is the self-concept avatar figure at the centre of the World Hologram, a construct defined in all five senses … all the psychological characteristics and processes of the individual are features of this field of information.

tl;dr: everyone lives in their own individual world which may be superimposed with the world of other external observers; which all parties observe differently. Anything not directly observed is in a state of pure potentially of being being and non-being.

Some science nerds please jump in here and correct me if I’m just hearing what I want to hear. :nerd_face: I’ll probably continue to take my own spin on it, but it would be good to hear others’ takes.


This is the Law of Attraction in a nutshell. We create our own reality and we are GODS of our creations. I’ve been practicing LOA since '06 and have made things happen more than not. I’ve combined the LHP and LOA for the past 18 months. Time does not exist. We can revise past events into our new reality. E.A. knew what he meant with Become A Living God. Great post, Lady Eva!


Multisolipsism that is an awesome term :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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