Time of Meditation / Meditations for specific times

Hello everyone,

after a month of not doing any meditation or occult stuff at all because of reasons I want to start anew and structured.
I typicly started to meditate before sleep. I lay down and kept my body still supressing even small movements. I let my breathing enter this rythm: inhale 4 sec, hold 4 sec, exhale 6 sec, hold 4 sec, repeat.
Stop thoughts from wandering and either focus on a point behind my eyes or on a subject not getting to off course.

Now this had mixed results. 3/5 times my body was numb and about 1/10 I had a feeling of my mind expanding and my body beeing submerged inw arm water. No out of body stuff yet. Now bad was that I often fell asleep during meditation like this. I now read that meditating lying down and before sleep is not ideal.

Now my question: When do you guys typicly meditate? Do you wake up before work to do it? After work? Do you have different meditation techniques for different times of the day?

  • In the morning.
  • At or right after lunchtime.
  • In the afternoon.
  • In the evening.
  • Whenever I feel like it.

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