Time for evocations of Belial

I have always made evocations of Belial based on the planetary table, both on and off schedule, except that by the planetary table I can evoke Belial only on Jupiter’s day, which is Thursday, and make the schedules available. But the question is, can I evoke Belial on other days? Will I have the same success as your evocations?


The spirits don’t care, if you want to talk to them then summon them, as long as you are doing the evocation correctly then you will most likely have the same results. They are glad to talk to you and help you in your ascent. Because we are doing exactly what they want us to do, which is practicing black magick.

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Those are days their energy is strongest. I do see a warning and waxing of energy through the week if I’m evoking one god all week. They still come…but some times are just more favourable for them.

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