Time and Energy Refocus at Beginnings


I’m a newer magician. I am curious of what newer magicians may think of this topic, or what the memories of veteran magicians may be.
Three-four months ago, I made the conscious decision to follow a magician’s path. Leading up to that decision, I was wasting my time and energy on activities such as video games, pointless youtube video binges, and heavy drinking.
Since my leap into this practice, I have noticed that I do not partake in these activities, nor do I have a desire. My time and energy has been focused into my imagination, collection of knowledge, or different rituals or desired outcomes. Can any magicians, new or veteran, relate to this experience being true to their own lives?


I see no problems here.

I’m reading more books and spells, I didn’t care about chakras before now I do cleansing opening etc.

As for generally moving away from negative traits to more beneficial ones I’ve been doing that through self help books like Toney Robbins etc.

I found that whenever I pick up a new practice in life I tend to align the rest of my life to it. That’s a natural way to do things you’ll find that to be the case if you picked up a martial art or gym regime or any hobbies/interests.
Since many people come to magick for self development it’s almost inevitable that they will align their life, thoughts, emotions and actions to the lifestyle.

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Agreed. These things were personally toxic behaviors. And I knew it. I was looking for a change. True, people do align their actions to their new lifestyle.

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Yes. I’ve had less of a desire to avoid life decisions. I feel like I can make choices with more confidence now.

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I have noticed a rise in my confidence as well, with better body language/posture.