Time - an issue

Was thinking about time and entities as in “is 2 weeks long enough for them to do that?”. A thought came to my head that maybe they don’t experience time the same as us. That is if something would take 9 days for them to make happen and we ask for it to happen in 5, do they then just start working on it 4 days before we ask? Or can they make things happen immediately but it is just our own awareness of the human construct of time that means it will happen in 5 days? If we thought it could happen today would it happen today?

Do you want things to manifest quicker? If thats what your asking. Then try these out. This Lunar spirit Vimarone .http://justinbthemagician.blogspot.ca/2013/06/vimarone-and-manifestation.html
I can not find its Sigil on line. The moon and mercury are the fastest planets and moons like gemini, aries, maybe cancer.

Part of the rules here is I am not supposed to have a link of PDF’s. But I am allowed to tell you about the book, its Summoning spirits author Konstantinos. If you look around you can find it

No nothing like that. Just a newbie who is still waiting for my first to happen. I was just thinking about how we perceive time vs how they might.

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You can’t force something to happen in a particular timeframe, what happens is that you end up lusting for results.

Forgive me for saying this but this my own issue as I use online tarot and I keep asking the same damned questions - I know the answers, so why am I asking? It is self doubt, and we have to get over it however we can - keep busy however you can.

If President Marbas has stated will happen - it will, he won’t trick you.

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If you look into older texts they talk of time in high planes in the range of abstract to nonapplicable and potentially nonliner hence why the idea that moving through time in the higher planes is a thing. Havent explored this myself yet but its on my list :grin:

This is also why phrasing and molding the intent of a ritual in present tense is a part of tue mechanics. As you bring the energies down or up depending ob your views it helps to lock the moment of the ritual in the now.

For example from my experience if aiming for a burst of income “john doe has 500 extra$” would be more effective than “john do will have 500 extra$” as one denote a moment in the “present” time where as the other is a moment in “future” time which we existing in the active moment in ritual can not inhabit on a plane with the observed limit of linear time. As the “future” moment is constanting being replaced by the “present” moment where we are and so we can not shift to it.

Least not till you work out how to move in the flow of the of time freely or move past the relative illusion of time. As dilution and warping are effects experienced in mediation and ritual to various degrees.