Tiktok witches vs Allah

What do you all think about the memes online centering around the so called tiktok witches taking on Allah with hexes?

If you dont know, many witches are attempting to hex Allah in response to the Afghanistan situation to try and remove the Taliban from power. Apparently they are receiving some huge counter effects from their workings.

This inspires a few questions: is it even possible to hex/curse a deity? And would the results they see be the same for any spiritual entity they might curse?

Of course deities possess a lot of power so I could see (if they aren’t merely delusional or lying) that going up against one would be bad news, but is there any way a magickian could succeed in such an endeavor?


The same as them hexing the moon. Just a bunch of edgy kids

Please refrain from getting political.

Yes but if that enitity retaliates and you don’t know how to handle it, you’re fucked. I don’t think you can curse an enitity to say lose their lover or wealth though🤔

The Allah worshipped by majority of Muslims is an egregore. Cursing him seems kinda stupid since followers will just pray to it more and feed it more energy. If any backlash hits the tiktok wishes then Muslims will just say its their God’s will and he’s untouchable


Lesser magicians always want to make their targets known. The hype helps bolster their fragile ego, lack of skill, and lack of professionalism. In the case of living targets, the target may help them with their work through misplaced fear. Deities won’t give that willingly.

Yes, but any deity/spirit worth anything can decide to strike back. Any fool can throw a curse, but only the foolish think the able won’t strike back if they choose to.

Yes, actually. It’s a calculation, even on their end, as to whether it is worth striking back or not.

If I was some witchtoker with low skill, not only would I not be of much value, I likely couldn’t pull off anything against the entity. I’d cast my spell and think that it was going to be successful because everyone else said so. Meanwhile, my “working” is more like a gnat against a rhino…

I’m quite tired, so I hope this made sense.


Im sorry if my post was fringing on political? I was just trying to explain the perspective that they are working from.

Thank you for answering my questions though, I was mostly trying to suss out if there is any credence or possibility to what they are claiming.

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As someone of low skill myself, I find it difficult to fathom a practitioner being able to deal any damage to something not of this plane. How would that damage manifest? Is it just a decrease in overall power, or could someone theoretically wipe a spirit/deity from existence?

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A while back, Lady_Eva and a bunch of other magicians attacked the Christian egregore, so if these witches know what they’re doing, then yes, it is possible. However, whether they could be successful or not is a different question entirely because in order to cause any real damage, they would have to attack the egregore upon different planes simultaneously. If they are just hurling curses at it, then they aren’t accomplishing shit, and it is very likely that the “counter effects” they are experiencing are simply their own spells bounced back at them.


Abrahamic, not specifically Christian.:slight_smile:

This seems on a different level unseriousness and is also political, since it’s solely motivated by the situation in Afghanistan, they were evidently perfectly fine with Allah & His associated things to that point.

So with thanks to all who have contributed, I am now going to close this thread. :sunny: