Hi everyone!

So, Tiamat has come to me twice this year. I want to connect with her, but I’m not totally sure how or what to expect.

Is there anyone here that has worked with her extensively?

Any tips, advice, things to be aware of etc would really help.

P.S. I already am aware of and have The Grimoire of Tiamat…but that doesn’t resonate with me at the time as something I should be delving into. So…something other than this please.



Baal Kadmon has a short work about Tiamat. Well worth looking at.

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Welcome @Happiechappie Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Thank you! Yes I just found his work yesterday after posting this! I was intrigued. Going to buy it. Thank you!

With Baal kadmon, I usually recommend going with the ebook version as his work tends to be short reads (although packed with information). Here is a short video where he reads a chapter out of his book

Edit: scratch the refubd policy I mentioned, that is only of you buy directly from him not via amazon, which has its own


Thank you! I just watched that! Very informative. Thank you!

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@BabyDragon yeah…a interesting fact about the Grimore Of Tiamat by Asenath Mason it actually had a 1⭐ on Amazon on her account so I assumed it wasn’t good and only 1 person reviewed it saying “Oh I’ve worked with Tiamat for several of years now, and I find this book highly offensive!” So later Temple of ascending flame made a vid

called must-read by TOAF and 1 of the books were that book and that video actually popularized it and now theres like 5​:sparkles::star2::sparkles: across the board now. I actually have the book but I don’t plan on doing any rituals in it right now because slot of people were giving warnings that this book is not for beginners and I’m pretty new but I’ve read some parts and it does look very interesting also the look of the book looks badass to!


@Excalibur Wow! Thanks for sharing all that. I didn’t know about the ratings.

I actually know someone who had an ebook copy that they sent me.

I actually was just sitting down to read it yesterday. I am still on all the theory and back story, though. Haven’t gotten to the rituals yet.

I am just very skeptical when people start creating their own systems with ancient deities. She says in the book that this is not legitimate Babylonian ritual…which is fine…but it begs to question…who exactly are you really connecting with then?

Interesting that people who have worked with Tiamat found it offensive…hmmm…

I think that people get too wrapped up in being “dark” and “spiritually alternative” and working with “demons” and being that energy to the spirits…and then because that’s the energy you bring that’s the energy you get.

I think we have to step out of that “darkness” mentality sometimes and just work with the spirit as it is.

Idk though, I’ll see. I’m going to find my way with it. But that is really good to know that background. Thank you.


I wanted the book but I was iffy on getting it because most portray her as some goddess of darkness and I am usually like no, she’s a Goddess of the primordial void, darkness and void are not the same, so it always turned me off from anything online that spoke about Tiamat lol but that looks promising lol.


Exactly! And that is exactly what they do…portray her and darkness and evil…

It is trying to understand ancient systems through modern (and ultimately Christian) sentiments and lenses…that are not really true to the original.

That is why I feel that when it comes to the demons, people have to understand that they are ancient Gods that were rejected and were not in their heyday considered dark or evil…at least not all of them.

This is why I do a heavy dose of letting the spirit reveal itself to me, and I just sprinkle in all the other stuff…because it is so biased.


I have to agree, though a lot of the demons I don’t believe are ancient Gods, I do believe in older views demons had a dual place, there were demons who were guardians, there were demons who the Gods sent to punish those who went against them, demons basically held similar to roles to angels to their Gods. The christianized view and the LHP view of the Gods are usually always “darkness this, darkness that, evil this, evil that” to a point it blurs.


Agreed. I was condensing, but you are right.

In modern times, Daemon has taken on that negative connotation and had some gods lumped in with them…but true, not all of them were Gods…

Coming from the Greek meaning of the word, yes, I would agree that different Daemons had different functions.


@Babydragon Your welcome. Well it wasn’t like a group of people who thought it was offencive it was just that 1 ass hole and his profile was the only review posted back then about the book…the weird thing is I’m not sure if anyone even new about the book until TOAF made a vid about it or maybe it did sell well it’s just no 1 reviewed it until that vid came out…I have no idea.

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@BabyDragon But from what I read there is alot of stuff it does look very promising.

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Gotcha! Well, I’ll be sitting down to read more of it, so we’ll see! I’ll let you know what I think! Lol