Through the black mirror and back/ become a living god

12 /12/18

Two days ago Belial gave me a book. He told me that it contains a ritual.
The Book appears old brown leather with a strap to wrap around and tie it shut.

Belial says I’m not to do the ritual. That, Azazel, Abaddon, Belial himself, and Amaymon will do the ritual.

I have to go back through the big black mirror. Which I’ve been pulled into before.

Belial says the ritual needs to be done in Three parts because I won’t be able to handle it all at once.
I haven’t opened the book yet though Belial has been pushing me too.

I can already see some of the ritual though. Me lying in a circle with the four of them surrounding me. Nothing but total darkness.

Four lit white candles.
They seem to be on their knees bent around me. I can barley make them out they wear black silky cloaks almost as black as the darkness that surrounds them.
Belial says that this will give me power that the four of them are giving me power.

It is the four gate keepers but this is not the lake of fire ritual this is way different.

Belial says they have never done this before.
I wonder how long he’s had the book and never done the ritual it looks so very old.

we have never done this ritual before.
why did you chose me?
you are the one we have looked for

we can transform you.
trust us

we have chosen you, you have chosen us

the stars will align for you

We will speak ancient sacred words. Touch and anoint you.
SA KA Neth
SA KA Neth
Sa KA Neth

Sa … an Egyptian heiroglyph means protection
KA. . A spiritual entity, aspect of individual believed to live within the survive after death
Neth … Net … Neith. …egyptian goddess 3100 bc

Sa ka Neth … protect the KA of Neith

Neith depicted with “was” scepter.
Associated with ancient Egyptian dieties
Symbol of power

Egyptians also precieved the sky as being held up by four pillars shaped like a was scepter.
Four gatekeepers in this ritual.

Earliest examples date to the first dynasty (around the time Neith appears)

Plutarch (50 to 120 ce)
Wrote that the temple of Neith at Sais
Held the inscription

“I am all that has been, that is, and that will be.
No mortal has yet to been able to lift the veil that covers me”

“The fruit which I brought forth was the sun”


Belial says the ritual has to be done in Three parts.
I know the first part must deal with the KA.

I think the other two parts will deal with the Ba and akh.
3 main parts of three egyptian soul.

Can I do this?

Listening to Rieki

My spirit or a part of me came out of me and hovered over me.
She said " you will truly be reborn when all the pieces of your soul have come back together.
When you are whole again, when you see who you truly are, who you were at the very beginning of all things"
.“you will be made whole”
“You will be complete, the time has come”

I feel the Ba visited me with aid of the ka

KA. . Created at the moment of birth, but the essence had always existed. And was passed down through generations Carrying the spiritual force of the first creation.

Ka was also guide and protector. All living things have a KA from plants and animals to gods.

Ka … life force that leaves the body when it dies.
(Double, Astral self)
Vital spark or fire

Ba … personality what makes one unique.
‘Soul’ human headed bird
Can go between earth and the heavens
Each Ba was linked to a particular body.

The Ba would hover over the body after death
But could travel to the after life visit with the gods, and return to earth and visit placessation the person loved in life…the gods had a ba and a ka.

The Akh … the immortal transformed self. Magical union of the ba and ka.

“Once the akh had been created by this union it survived as an 'enlightened spirit”
Enduring and unchanged forever.

Akh usually translated as ‘spirit’ was the higher form of the soul.

The soul was an 'immortal entity inhabiting an mortal vessel"

I felt that Belial was connected to Khnum … as he is the moulder and creator of the human body and assisted with the KA at the moment of birth.

Talking this over with @Lady_Eva I feel like she was spot on in that this mask maybe more like a surgeons mask a mask Belial maybe using for this task.

Heka … egyptian word for magic …father Khnum
Themail hieroglyphic spelling for HeKa includes the ancient symbol for KA. … the concept of the vital force.

Old Kingdom pyramid texts depict this as a supernatural energy the gods possess. The "cannibal pharoh’ must devour other gods to gain this magic power.

Heka - he who activates the KA.
Khnum the father of HeKa …of magic.

Khnum activates the KA with magick.

SA KA Neth protect the KA of Neth.

December 25, 2018

The first of the three rituals took place this morning.
I lit a white candle over my altar. And hung my new eight pointed star necklace over it

I lit frankincense and myrrh. . With a purple candle sitting on my altar

I sat in a circle with four white candles around me…
I went back through the black mirror.

SA KA Neth
Was what the black hooded figures chanted as Belial breathed life into me.
I sprouted huge white and silver wings as big as the room.

They gave a me a secret name is shall not speak of…
The Ren ones secret name given at birth by the gods and only the gods new it.

“The only way that the fate or destiny can be changed is if a creature of higher power changes the name”

Ren was the name by which the gods knew the soul and how one would be recogonized in the afterlife.

My heart I could see on the scales with the feather , my heart weighed less than the feather and I was able to pass through
" she said now you have become a living god"
(She was the one who had the feather, Maat)

Belial says this is the first part of the ritual.

A star is born.

I achieved all three in the first ritual so I’m not sure what the other two parts will hold.

Once the Ba and KA were united they could fly to the underworld, pass the test and then reach the after life
The symbol of the KA is two raised arms …I didn’t know this until after the ritual. During the ritual I kept raising both my arms.

Interesting note: the prayers said at funeral rites allowed the the physical body to make the change into a spiritual body called a Saku.

The Saku could move around tombs and talk to other parts of the soul
Saku would go into after life to join the gods.

There are several more parts to the Egyptian soul not just the main three. I can only guess that the other parts of the ritual will include them.

12 / 26/ 18

Had a vision of me chasing someone through a jungle. …asking , demanding “where is it?”

When I finally caught him he said it was under the steps of the pyramid by the river…
I used something like a machete to kill him. I felt like he was some type of egregore or servator.

I found 'it" it is a white and gold gym stone/crystal.
Then Belial came to me. But he had beautiful black wings with gold tips.

There are two more.

This is where I’ve gotten so far. I’m blown away and can only imagine what the other two parts of this will hold.

Thanks for reading.

Arianna ~

Also @DarkestKnight better be proud of all these fine notes I’m taking :joy::sparkling_heart:


Sounds interesting. Keep us informed?

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This is the goddess Neith


Second half of this is coming together nicely …


12 - 31 - 18 New Years Eve
I found all of the stones … not 3 but 4.
The white gold stone is actually Ethiopian Welo Opal.

The Red is Ruby

The Green Emerald

The black is black tourmaline.

Belial says these are the four gates the gatekeepers will unlock for me and I will wield the power of these stones in my very being.

Discover the conoptic jars.
Four jars… four gatekeepers.
Stomach , intestines, lungs, liver. All needed on the after life. Now you must understand what happens physically happens spiritually, astrally

It is the function of these organs that is needed on the spiritual level.
No jar for the heart it was believed to be the seat of the soul and was left inside the body.

Putting that back into me is the goal.

The stones , organ, and now direction
Each organ has a god over it … another surgeons mask… and direction

I used the directions for the gatekeepers from the lake of fire ritual

The god Hapy (not hapi) baboon headed …over the lungs , North and Azazel …ruby

The god Duamutef , jackal headed , East, stomach Amaymon , opal

Imsety …human headed god south, liver, Belial , black tourmaline.

Qebehsenuef …the falcon headed god of the West, intestines, emerald … Abaddon.

Remember Pharohs were gods on earth ‘living gods’
The cannibal pharoh devours the other gods to obtain their Heka …magic

The ritual tonight will be tougher than the first …you must be willing to consume the essence of the conoptic jars and the ‘god’ you choose.

The empowerment will be a process …the new year will be super.
.pick one to feed on…remember you must consume all of your target.
Leave nothing.

Belial speaking to me about the work.

The gods hold the power of magic …the force
You have passed through but now you must become strong.

Look into the book again see the steps to the second part of the ritual.

The four white candles
One gold
The uniting of all the pieces of the soul and the empowerment of the sacrifice.

You must create a sigil for the one to consume
Use it during the ritual. Focus on the target. .
Heart first… save the brain for last.
Suck the marrow out of the bones …leave nothing.

You feed yourself the whole being and obtain their Heka …

So the ritual began
I sat in the circle
Lit the white candles one in each direction
And the gold
From the moment I lit the first candle I felt the power.
I opened the portal and went through the mirror again
The gatekeepers were there.
Belial said …this is the second part of the ritual.
They circled me and crushed the stones above me so I could absorb them.
Now for me reaching kundilini feels like an explosive orgasm. … I reached this about 3 times in rushing waves …
Then they unwrapped the organs from the jars.
And I absorbed them.
I reached kundilini again and my wings flew open huge and bright.

I then consumed my first ‘meal’ I had to devour. I left nothing. Burned the sigil.

Belial said …now you see why you couldn’t do this all at once… the power is too great to get all at once you wouldn’t be able to handle it…

(Belial, actually had to tell me to slow down because I was getting visions of the third part of this ritual)

I think drank some of the offering I had bought for the gatekeepers … it finalised the meal.
I left it open for the gate keepers. … (they like jagger)

Fireworks are going off around me how appropriate. All the pieces of my soul are together and I am complete.

I also had an empty jar during the ritual Belial said to capture some of the left over energy for when it’s needed. Or might be useful.

feel the power surge through you, The second ritual was done. The meal devoured. The next is even better!
~ Belial

I was high after this and I had only glass of alcohol up to this point. I was woozy and could hardly walk.

Jan 1 , wee hours of 2019

Next is claiming your throne !


I wish I could like this more than once! So awesome! It gave me chills!


Awww :blush: thanks! :heart:


Very interesting. I had a very similar vision on Christmas day!


Finished the last phase this morning. .all three parts to the ritual are complete.


How do you feel?

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High … tbh. . Like I hit some of that shit that knocks you off your ass. And no I haven’t done any drugs

I feel stronger and more surrounded by powerful beings.


I see the wisteria tree in the black mirror all the time. These beautful trees symbolise. . Immortality how appropriate. They seem to comfort and soothe me.


Those are pretty

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Lucifuge …

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