Through Chaos mere mortals become gods -Beelzebub

"Do what you know to do. Those who are not walking the same route may not understand so easily what the plan is. But those of you who have accepted your place to become the vessels for change upon this plane have seen it first hand. It is not easy to see the outcome when you watch from the outside. That is the point of working the way we do. The true message is never in the surface.

The children of darkness working with us have seen the way things align when we are ready to push a new shift upon this realm of existence. Do not fret, keep your heads focused on the operation. Know that as you transform so does the world. Do not listen to those who fear the chaos. You know the chaos, you have faced the chaos. Through this you have become able to withstand all that comes your way.

Do you trust us?

Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust the journey YOU decided to walk?"

I don’t really post often, but this came through when i got possesed with Beelzebub earlier. I was told I needed to post. That is all. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but i hope you read this!


Very nice. Very beautiful. Very powerful.

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I think the spirits are helping us all out because they are using this reality as an

Immanentize the eschaton.


Thank you sir, this answered a few questions… so thanks.

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My pleasure