Throat clicking

While i was doing some energy work i was focusing on my throat chakra as i feel its been neglected, in addition to my smoking/vaping habit. Anyways, as i was doing this, after some time my throat began loudly clicking at a steady rate, like a metronome. I have tried to recreate this but i am not able to. I was wondering if anyone knows what this is/means as i cannot find any information relating to this

I have never experienced this before; most likely you throat chakra was in a state of healing and your body allowed you to have this experience to have a memory of healing and getting this charka back into balance.

Do you have a background in music?

A metronome can help you keep a consistent tempo so that you don’t inadvertently speed up or slow down. It provides a steady click marking a musical interval.

Maybe instead of trying to throat click again, maybe try throat singing. This would help you continue with keeping this area balanced.

Here’s a video for reference:

There are others on YouTube as well.


Thanks for the reply, I figured it wasnt a very common experience but if anyone would know it would be BALG. I mostly added that part about trying to reproduce the sound to clarify that it isn’t something that i can un/consciously do, but more of a twitch or spasm in my vocal chords maybe?

I do actually have a background in music (vocals, guitar, digital production) and have been interested in learning throat singing for some time. Ill give it a more concentrated effort to learn now though.

If it happens again ill be sure to update my experience here.

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Yes, medically speaking this can happen. If you can, reach out to a throat specialist, they can explain it better than I can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then you understand the importance of vocal warm ups. This is super important in throat singing.

I’ll look forward to any updates you have.


Probably you are a medium, there are like 1000 types of mediums and it seems to be one of those if it appears in ritualistic.


Interesting. It might be a stretch for the ritualistic setting though, I wasn’t in any intentional contact with spirits and if I remember correctly I did banish before as well. I was just working energy through my chakras.

Ill try to find some more information on varieties of mediumship though. Hopefully there is some form of database out there

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You’ll find a lot of openings in the body when the chakras are being healed and you might find yourself able to communicate more as the throat charka heals.

As far as a medium, one aspect is one who can speak with the dead, allowing others to come through.

I speak with and for my 11 great grandmother. I do not want to derail your thread - but definitely look into and research “mediums”.

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As far as Im concerned any kind if answer is appreciated if I can figure out what happened.

Ive been looking into mediums and I can kind of see some correlation but Im not super sure yet. Sometimes when I do ritual at my house I hear a voice that sounds like my grandfather who passed here, but havent been able to fully communicate, just a voice calling to me. Also sometimes when I meditate on break or whatever at work I will see faces of people I have never seen before. Since I cant exactly carry on a conversation yet Im unsure if they are actual spirits or just my subconscious mind playing around