Three free readings (CLOSED)

Friday, fun day, free card reading day (fun day NOT guaranteed in the reading!).

I am offering three free card readings. One question, no PM (question and reading will take part in this thread), no channelings of spirits.

Readings will be done during this day and tomorrow.

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Could I have another?

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@DarkestKnight sure :slight_smile: Two spots left

I am in

I want to know what choice will be better for me, should i continue with my postgraduate studies abroad next year or getting a Job in my birth country


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@Geminikitten Alright. One spot left

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@mth_yesco Alright :slight_smile:

All spots are taken, thank you for participating.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

My question is: What do I need to do to overcome all my self-imposed limitations? I’m tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, but no matter what i try, I can’t seem to break the chains I’ve bound myself with.

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Lets have a look :slight_smile:

Haha, the Eight of Cups in reverse and the Dagaz Rune in Merkstave are both expressing this right here:

The Eight of Cups in reverse is actually telling me that somewhere, in the back of your head, you DO know what you need to do to move forward. You have bound yourself to something/ you are staying with something that doesn’t bring you joy anymore, but you’ve decided to keep it inside of your life because it presents some kind of safety for you (maybe not even in a physical way like a form of income, but mentally). The Four of Pentacles is emphasizing that there is something you’re clinging to, although it has already lost its actual meaning and value (it could be a situation, a living place or even a person, btw).
Letting go of or actively transforming this false safety would be a solid first step. You might scratch your head about this and wondering what this has to do with you. But you actually know, although you might not be ready for it.

Interestingly enough we have the Kipper card 30 (Arguments/Nervousness) and 35 (A long way = Dagaz in Merkstave, “Not yet”) and in this constellation its indicated that you will need a bit of time to confront yourself with this kind of truth (it will feel as if you will judge yourself for yourself, here. Don’t forget to look at your decisions with kindness instead of “How could I?”, don’t beat yourself up for stuff you didn’t know better at that time).

Dagaz in Merkstave is yelling “I am fucking disheartened” at me. It is bringing a somewhat harsh message when being drawn like this: “Not yet.” (see Kipper card 35, “A long way”)

You have quite the amount of Pentacles in your reading AND you are even sporting the Tree and the Key (the Key is one of my favourite “un(b)locking cards”!).
I am not using the words “Destiny” or “Fate” too often because it has become some kind of corny edgelord trademark and its also the final nail in the coffin for acting in a self-accountable manner (“I can’t change anything, anyway”) but in THIS constellation…

You are destined to reap the rewards for your efforts and you will be rewarded in a big way.
The Nine of Pentacles and the Seven of Pentacles are both a telltale sign that your personal long term vision for yourself will unfold. Nothing was in vain, nothing was “not worth the time”, everything will lead you to some kind of cathartic self-realization about everything that DID work out. The Nine of Pentacles is also a sign that you haven’t reached quite the end or completion yet (Dagaz in Merkstave, Kipper Card “A long way” again). Which also means that there is no “dead end”.

Key, Fox and Lily are telling me about an important and well-established kind of work that you are already executing (meeting with the Seven of Pentacles again) and that you should keep on doing. It could be a career or the spiritual effort you have already put into yourself. Either way, you did a great job with that and it will be a part of the big “Key”. Lily and Book are giving away that -whatever it is- is something you are deeply passionate about. (This one is filling you with joy, not the Eight of Cups in reverse!)

The Six of Cups is also warning you to not live in the past, even if things appeared to be “easier” or “better” during time XY. Nostalgia is a trap that makes us resenting the things that are yet to come.

There is a word of warning in this reading: Letter and Haughtiness are a sign that there must be some kind of regular communication with boastful or “peacockish” folks and this is weighing you somewhat down. I am not sure how it relates to your question so I would simply guess that this is pulling your energy and focus away in addition.

I have pulled a Rumi card for you, the “Cosmic Heart”. Here we are meeting with the clingy aspect of the Four of Pentacles, again: “You have been through these tantalising trials - the push to surrender fear, the realisation your attempts at control amount to not so much, actually- so why not abandon them altogether? (…) You have been asked to bear darkness without losing hope for the return of the light”. Dagaz in Merkstave is the opposite of its usual (Day)Light meaning.

The guidance section of the card reads: “More love is rushing towards you like a great cosmic tsunami. You will struggle with this blessing to the extent that you will attempt to hold onto what has been” (Six of Cups, Eight of Cups in reverse, Four of Pentacles!) “So don’t. Let go. Let it move you. You’ll perhaps get some water up your nose, but nothing will come to you that you cannot handle. You’ll be dishevelled somewhat, undoubtedly (…) Your destiny awaits you now” (Tree and Key!)

Tldr: let go of something that doesn’t provide any REAL comfort or joy, anymore.
I know that this is really unsatisfying to read because its no “one size” answer :sweat_smile:

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I will get to your spreads tomorrow. I have laid them out already and I will pick them apart tomorrow morning (its already late in the evening here in my residence) :slight_smile:

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Thank you :heart:

Thank you :blush: @A_Pariah

I’m always late😅

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Thanks very much, my friend! :slight_smile:

Why won’t that part of me let the rest of me know? :sweat_smile:

I hope so. I’ve had about enough of this crap lol

This is exactly how I am feeling right now, like it’s all for naught.

That currently describes pretty much everything in my life :joy:

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You won’t like this one, I’m afraid.

The petition will be successful but only in a superficial manner.

Six of Wands in reverse, the Kipper Card 33 “Gloomy Thoughts” and the Goetia Oracle Card “Danger” are telling me that you are acting out of a certain kind of personal weakness. Six of Wands in reverse and “Gloomy Thoughts” are pointing towards a thought pattern of feeling unloved or neglected by someone. This is pushing you into a mental downward spiral, Five of Wands in reverse are pointing out that you are rather avoiding these internal issues for the sake of “somehow fixing the situation” with that person (even if they treat you like shit, for example).

The “Danger” card here plays an important role for the quality of your petition: its about being bestowed a gift (= the successful petition) that carries the danger of deluding yourself, if you are not strong enough in your character to handle this gift.

Heart, House and Man are telling me about a wish for domestic bliss with a partner (the Man card usually describes a male person but if you are after a woman she could simply have “masculine” attributes, like a certain kind of career or behaviour that is usually interpreted as typically masculine). Now, there is the reveresed Ten of Pentacles. It looks like you have gone through a rather sudden end of a connection between you and the person who was the symbol for this domestic fulfillment. Man and Crossroads indicates that the person made the decision to end this connection. The Crossroad together with the Mice card are indicating that you suffered because of this decision and here we are finding the Six of Wands in reverse and the “Gloomy Thoughts” card, fueling that mental suffering you experienced.

The Nine of Wands in reverse and the Five of Swords are telling me that this petition will fail in the long run. You might be reuniting with that person, but it won’t change the lack of effort that this person will put into this connection. To be blunt, it looks as if the connection will be carried further in a one sided way, leaving you as the sole provider of warmth and affection while the other person will stay indifferent. This will lead to conflicts (Five of Swords), you will be avoiding the truth about the quality of this connection (Five of Wands) and in the end you will feel unloved and neglected again.

Do you see the “Wedding” card? Its the “The petition will be successful, but…” card, because the “Widower” card fell out with it. This dude is standing in front of a gravestone, the only reminder of this connection. You will be mourning this connection either way, so to speak.

I know that this is really hard to read, so lets find some silver linings.

Kipper Card 10 “A Journey” and the Fehu Rune came out for you. The card is telling me that you are theoretically able to pull yourself away from this situation if you can move away from this “I am not loved” trope inside of your head. Movement is important here, moving forwards is even more important. You will discover new things in your life that will give your thoughts a new direction. You won’t be “left behind” if you decide to move forward on your own two feet.

Fehu is telling me that you have the ability to move away from this, there is a seed planted inside of you that will let you experience emotional abundance, emotional stability and emotional nourishment. But you have to make the journey, first or else this seed will stay inactive.

I know that this is a lot to consider and by the way, you don’t have to take anything away from this reading. I am only a messenger, the future is not a static one way street and I don’t have interpretational sovereignty over the things that your heart wants. Whatever move you’re about to make, I wish you all the best :potted_plant:

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Thank you. All of this makes sense, for good and bad, and go along with my own readings. I have a lot of healing to do, and the messages I have received are telling me the same thing. Things will work out how I want, IF I do my own personal healing. You’re wonderful, and greatly appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Overall the reading tends towards the “get a job” side of things, with a “but”:

First of all: Dog, Garden, Lily and Tower together with Kipper card 4 “Meeting/Encounter” and “Conversation” are a very strong sign that you will network or meet with an older or more experienced person who is giving me strong workey CEO vibes.
The Lovers and the Hierophant (again, an older person with CEO vibes, here) are pointing towards a really successful mentorship and business/workplace partnership if you are taking the offer that you will be given.

Now here comes the “but”: Ace of Wands came out together with the Ace of Swords in reverse. You seem to be easily motivated and excited for new experiences in your life, burning easily for an idea or new projects. At the same time you will get bored easily if there isn’t any kind of “breakthrough” moment or something that fuels your passion in a consistent manner. We also have the Page of Wands in reverse, which emphasizes on the “getting bored easily” topic if your career or your experience lacks great leaps forward.

You WILL get bored at some point in a traditional but stable working environment, since you will go through a longer “establishing” phase on the career ladder and it might look to you as if nothing much will happen for a while. The Ten of Cups is telling you that you will find a deep fulfillment with a really supportive working environment if you are able to push through the boredom stage of things, Tower and Snake are a sign that you might end up in a top position. The Othala Rune in Merkstave is emphasizing that you shouldn’t fall victim to the habit of wanting fast and continuous breakthroughs with everything and ditching things if they don’t reward you fast enough.

Apparently, the Kipper Card 12 “Younger woman” is adding that you will meet a woman because of your workplace who will be important to you (maybe a lover, maybe a really great friend or coworker, someone who is really supportive of you).

The little Compass card is asking you to follow your inner compass when you’re confronted with the final decision about this. The reading is really in favour of getting a job,according to the circumstances considered right now. This might change if you let more time pass. So if you feel, that in 6 months (for example) your own drive is pulling you towards postgraduate studies you should reconsider.

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I have the feeling that this realization will be hard to stomach and it could rip a hole into your current reality. I am sure that it will come to you, eventually.

I am sure about that. I wish you the most of success with your personal healing on your own terms. Thank you for your reply :seedling:

Thank you. Did some chakra work right after responding. Feeling so light and happy :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s really true

Yes I really get bored when there’s no à kind of breakthrough. I left a training programme at the bank 4 months ago cause I was getting bored and I felt like I couldn’t a get promotion fast enough. You are so accurate :joy::joy::joy:

So these events you predicted can/will occur in a short period of time ?

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No, I mean that these events are predicted by how things currently are right now; think about a probability calculation that considers “right here, right now” aspects surrounding your question. These aspects could change, however. So, if you haven’t made a decision over the course of 6 months (for example, since I don’t know how fast things tend to change around your living situations) you should reconsider if finding a job or picking up postgraduate studies would be better for you. If you have to decide NOW I would go with getting a job.

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